90 dollars on Etsy?! Mila did NOT splash cash on her wedding ring

If we didn't love her enough already, Mila Kunis has given us yet another reason to think she's one of the soundest stars in the business.

After recently revealing that she and Ashton started off as friends with benefits, Mila then gave viewers of  The Late Late Show a pretty detailed description of the actor's manhood, and now she's spilling deets on the cost of her wedding ring.

While appearing on Conan this week, the Black Swan star acknowledged she has a bit of a reputation for thriftiness, and it turns out this extends to the most important piece of jewellery in her collection.

After telling the audience that Ashton had bought her a stunning engagement ring, the 32-year-old actress admitted she wasn't content with the idea of splashing thousands on a wedding ring, and opted instead to pick one up for €90 on Etsy instead.

Proving he's the flasher one in the relationship, Ashton splashed out an extra $10 and is now sporting a ring from a website we normally get our cutest birthday cards from.

Never change guys, never change.