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The 2019 Critics' Choice Awards ceremony was one full of tearful speeches, glamorous outfits and moving moments. What else would happen at a celebrity gathering?

When it came to the Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie category, most fans were vying for A Quiet Place to snatch the award.

Mainly because we all wanted John Krasinski and his talented wife Emily Blunt to appear on stage as one family unit and make our dreams come true.


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The cast and crew both appeared to accept the award, with producer Andrew Form claiming that; "The truth is this movie doesn't exist without the visionary filmmaker John Krasinski."

It was then director and screenwriter John's turn to talk, and from that point on all the air left our lungs.

"Thank you so much. Wow. I don't know what's going on right now. I blacked out about six seconds ago. I want to say thank you to all the incredible kindness that has been shown to this film," John explained.  


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"The critics, but most of all, everyone out there that's seen or loved this movie. It means the absolute world to our crew and to our cast."

He continued, "I got to make a movie about a love story and a love letter to my kids. I got to do it with the love of my life by my side, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't get much better than that. Thank you so much." DEAR GOD.

We caught a glimpse of John and Emily hugging before walking off stage, and at that point we passed out from the hype.


This news has hit us hard today. The Office is one of our favourite Netflix series to binge watch for a few hours, or ya know, an entire weekend. 

But those beautiful marathons are set to be a thing of the past unfortunately, and we are devastated. 

A Netflix fan site which monitors the expiry dates of television shows and movies on the website has shared the latest casualties and the US Office is in there. 

Also featured are The Rugrats, This is 40, iCarly and The Undateables. These ones we could probably go without, but how are we supposed to live without our fix of the greatest love story of all time, Jim and Pam. How Netflix??

But it seems there may be a glimmer of hope, Netflix may choose to renew the show closer to the date. But for now, we'll be in our internest enjoying as many hours of Michael and Dwight as we possibly can. 

We had just gotten over the blow of Modern Family being removed from Netflix last year, you guys are toying with our emotions. 


It's National Kissing Day and that can only mean one thing, you are onbliged to head out tonight and get the shift. After all it is a day of huge importance and deserves to be celebrate right!

In honour of the extremely important day, we have taken a look at the best on screen shift's ever and compiled a little list for you all. 

WARNING: You are about to see a serious amount of smooching

1. Nick and Jess – New Girl

2. Pam and Jim – The Office

3. Ross and Rachel – friends

4. Jackie and Kelso – that 70's show

5. Dan and Serena – Gossip Girl

6. Jon Snow and Ygritte – Game of Thrones



SHEmazing! TV is here to deliver your round-up of all the Showbiz News.

Today’s highlights include:

  • Is The Office coming back to our screens?
  • Katie Price gives the first glimpse at her new baby
  • What do Chris O’Dowd and Richard Gere have in common?
  • Akon gives Jay Z and Beyonce marriage advice
  • Kim Kardashian legally changed her name

Emma Power reports



1. Ross and Rachel – Friends
Because he’s her lobster.

ross and rachel

2. Tim and Dawn – The Office
It was a long time coming, and when it did it was the cutest thing we had ever seen.

tim and dawn

3. Carrie and Big – Sex and the City
We all thought  it was the end when Carrie left for Paris and screamed that he could “drive up and down the street all he wants” because she doesn’t LIVE HERE ANYMORE! In true Mr. Big fashion, he came in at the last minute and swept her off her feet again.

carrie and big

4. Marshall and Lily – How I met your mother
They are like the same person and that it why we love them so much; the finishing of each other’s sentences, telling each other every single part of their day, it’s a cuteness overload.

marshall and lily

5. Kat and Alfie – Eastenders
On again, off again for what feels like twenty years, Kat and Alfie are once again a couple. Let’s hope they can last until at least Christmas this time!

kat and alfie