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While his family have rallied around him following his hospitalisation this week, much speculation has been made as to the impact the Kardashians have had on Kanye West's health.

Reflecting on the supposed pitfalls which have befallen men who have married into the family, some social media outlets have suggested that Kanye's decline in health was inevitable after becoming part of the Kardashian family.

And apparently rapper, Akon, is actually with them on this one.

"I actually thought about that, because at first it was a big joke to everybody," he said, according to TMZ.

"But in Africa there have always been sayings that sometimes you can’t deny what you see, but often times the eye may deceive you too." he said.

Acknowledging that the theory that the family are cursed sounds bizarre to many, Akon continued:  "It’s hard to comment on something like that as much as the evidence may show you that that’s possible, you don’t wanna discredit it as it may just be bad luck."

While the Right Now singer was understandably reluctant to say too much on the subject, he did add: " I wouldn't deny it but I wouldn't promote it either. When you think about it, the evidence all points to it."

Kanye abruptly cancelled his tour before being hospitalised at the beginning of the week.


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Rapper Akon is being sued for not paying his lighting contractors. He’s so hardore….

According to reports, Southern Electric Company are claiming that they never got paid for the work they did on his Atlanta house on November 14th 2013. The company say they are still owed more than $95,000.00.

SEC say the Smack That hitmaker never paid for “labour and materials” used for renovations. Ironically, the R&B star has launched a campaign, Akon Lighting Africa, to provide electricity to one million households in Africa by the end of the year – he might want to pay his own bill first.

However, poor Akon’s troubles don’t just end with the electricity company. The rapper is also being chased for failing to show up at a birthday party organised by Australian entrepreneur Patrick Grove, even though he had been paid $150,000.00.