Bad news: Your favourite show might be about to expire on Netflix

This news has hit us hard today. The Office is one of our favourite Netflix series to binge watch for a few hours, or ya know, an entire weekend. 

But those beautiful marathons are set to be a thing of the past unfortunately, and we are devastated. 

A Netflix fan site which monitors the expiry dates of television shows and movies on the website has shared the latest casualties and the US Office is in there. 

Also featured are The Rugrats, This is 40, iCarly and The Undateables. These ones we could probably go without, but how are we supposed to live without our fix of the greatest love story of all time, Jim and Pam. How Netflix??

But it seems there may be a glimmer of hope, Netflix may choose to renew the show closer to the date. But for now, we'll be in our internest enjoying as many hours of Michael and Dwight as we possibly can. 

We had just gotten over the blow of Modern Family being removed from Netflix last year, you guys are toying with our emotions.