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Bridesmaids star Chris O'Dowd and wife Dawn O'Porter welcomed their second child in July.

Their son, called Valentine, was born at home, and Chris himself assisted in the birth. 

The actor spilled about the birth to Kelly and Ryan LIVE, and he had some pretty interesting observations to make about parenthood. 


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'It's been really nice, ' Chris told the hosts.

'Having your second kid is like you just learned how to play a song on the guitar, and then someone is like, 'OK, now play left-handed! And hold this baby,' he joked.

Chris also elaborated on exactly how the birth went down. 


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'We did have it at home,' he said.

'We had a midwife. And my wife was there, which was excellent. And a friend of ours who was like a doula.'

'And we did it on our bed. It was great. And I caught him, which was fun.'

Chris also explained to the hosts that in the heat of the moment, he made a bit of a blooper-reel worthy comedic move.

'We didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl,' he said.' 

'And Dawn, my wife was like 'So what is it?!' And I said, "It's a BABY!''



Chris O'Dowd and Dawn O'Porter have announced the arrival of their second child with some adorably entertaining social media posts.

The pair, who are already parents to two-year old son, Art, welcomed Valentine O'Porter into the world on July 1.

Taking to Instagram, Dawn made the announcement with a photo of little Valentine in a baby chick onesie with the caption:

"Happy to announce I am the proud owner of this chirpy little chap."

"Born July 1st, his name is Valentine O'Porter, and he is so delicious. Two sons, my goodness."

Dawn was immediately inundated with messages of congratulations, with one follower commenting, "Two sons is the best. Your house will never be quiet again. Big love."

Another wrote, "Yay to being a mummy of 2 boys, it's the best club to be in. Congratulations, is that not the cutest ducky I ever saw?"

Irish actor, Chris O'Dowd then shared the same photo with his Twitter followers along with one of the greatest dad jokes of all time.

Keep them coming Chris, we're guessing there's plenty more where that came from! 


We all know that the red chair can be a hit-or-miss concoction of tales good, bad, and (very) ugly.

But it was a certain Sean from Donegal who on Friday gave what we believe to be one of the best stories ever told on The Graham Norton Show

Recounting a rather unusual experience at a friend's wedding, Sean relayed to the audience the moment that the groom got up to address the gathered guests.

Asking everyone in the room to get up out of their seats, this groom next instructed the diners to turn over their plates; those with a clear plate being allowed to sit down again. Those who found a red dot on their crockery – a total of eight men – however, had to remain standing.

The groom then proceeded to reveal that he was aware that his new bride had slept with the eight men during their engagement. Stating that he planned on getting an annulment, the scorned man walked out of the room.

Stars on Norton's show – including Niall Horan and Chris O'Dowd – expressed a glorious mixture of surprise and admiration as Sean's story wrapped up.

And understandably, the Donegal man was allowed to walk from the infamous red chair too.  


Are you Donegal Sean? Or do you know him? Contact us here



Our babies are the most precious things in the world to us, and beyond the world of Instagram, we love nothing more than to proudly boast about them. Well, this is something that Dawn O’Porter can now do, simply by raising her hand!

The presenter has unveiled a simple but sweet tattoo dedication to her 17-month-old son, Art.

The 37-year-old, who is married to Chris O’Dowd, took to social media to make the big reveal, sharing a before and after from the tattoo parlour.



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“So I should probably keep him now,” joked the mum-of-one, as her followers took to her page to express their approval of her body art.


So I should probably keep him.

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Dawn and Chris wed back in 2012, and went on to welcome little Art three years later.


Chris O'Dowd's son is turning out to be something of a comedian like his dad.

He's just turned one this month, but little Art is already saying his first words, though they're not what you might expect.

Designer and TV personality Dawn O'Porter took to Twitter today to share an update about baby Art, who she and Chris welcomed last year.

"This is no joke, my baby is saying potato before he has said mummy," Dawn wrote. 

"I don't know what this says about us as a family."

We know what it says – baby Art is getting to grips with his half-Irish roots, that's what.

The star couple have kept their little one out of the public eye since he was born in January 2015, though they have shared the odd adorable update, like this one of mummy and son in matching woolly leggings.

"Until he can tell me himself that matching outfits are not cool, it's happening," Dawn said of the cute fashion faux-pas.

And first-time parenthood hasn't gone too badly for Dawn and Chris, it would seem.

"Art's given me a really lovely start," Dawn told Glamour magazine recently.

"It's hard work and bloody relentless, but he's a really nice baby. I feel very lucky to have a healthy child.

"I was very emotionally ready to be a mum, so by the time he flopped out – well, didn't quite flop out – I was raring to go. He's very cute."


If you've been missing your Chris O'Dowd fix since the third series of Moone Boy finished up on Sky last month, fear not.

One of the show's lead cast members, Deirdre O'Kane, revealed this morning that a Moone Boy movie could be on the way very soon.

"I don’t think we’ll ever see Moone Boy back on the telly but they [writers Chris O’Dowd and Nick Murphy] want to make the movie. So, I can see that happening," the actress told the Sunday World.

The show, which won an International Emmy Award for Comedy in 2013 and a British Comedy Award last year, captured the hearts of viewers when it first hit our screens in 2012.

Set in Chris O'Dowd's native Boyle in Co. Roscommon, the show chronicles the antics of schoolboy Martin Moone (David Rawle) and his imaginary friend, Seán (O'Dowd).

Despite worries that Chris' busy schedule and first-time father duties might spell the end for Moone Boy, Deirdre doesn't think he'll be saying goodbye to the show just yet. "Both Chris and Nick love the project so much. It’s their baby. I really do believe the movie will be made," she said.

Deirdre, who plays Martin's long-suffering mum, says she would "definitely be interested" in working on a big-screen version of the show.

"I never say no to a movie. Working on Moone Boy is so much fun. I loved it all and the fact that the viewers loved it too means so much to us," she added.

Okay, Chris, the ball's in your corner. Make it happen.



We've all been there. You're off on your holidays and head off to the airport, only to emerge through the security area an hour later seriously frazzled and minus your aerosol deodorant, hair straighteners AND that expensive green smoothie you'd forgotten to drink while checking in.

Know the feeling? It turns out you're not the only one.

Actor Chris O'Dowd might have made it to the big time, but that doesn't mean he's free from the clutches of airport security… and neither is his two-month-old baby boy Art, who he welcomed with wife Dawn O'Porter back in February.

Chris was flying out of Gatwick Airport yesterday with little Art, and took to Twitter to express his annoyance after a run-in with security staff.

"Thanks Gatwick security! Some might think body-searching a baby and binning his bottle was over zealous and weird, but not me!" he wrote, adding the hashtag #ScaryBaby.

The Bridesmaids star seems like a fairly chilled out guy, but travelling with a newborn is never going to be easy and it sounds like Chris really got the brunt of the bad luck yesterday.

Chris' followers were quick to respond with jokes and tales of similar situations.

"@BigBoyler Just because you were happy to let your baby drink from it, doesn't mean it wasn't a liquid explosive. #WorldsGoneDaft" wrote one fan. "@BigBoyler Got pulled aside last year. Why? Traces of explosives on my 2 year olds pram. Forgot we'd been keeping our semtex there!!!" another added.

Chris and Dawn have been getting to grips with parenthood over the last couple of months and although no pictures of little Art have emerged yet, Chris did provide fans with this brilliant "mock-up" of his new arrival's face shortly after the birth.

Maybe it was the fact that your baby has a beard and full head of hair that put the Gatwick staff on edge, Chris?!



It’s a boy for Chris O’Dowd and Dawn O’Porter!

The Irish actor and British TV writer and presenter are currently living in LA where they have welcomed their new arrival, Art O’Porter. Now that is a name destined for fame we reckon! 

Chris announced the exciting news on his Twitter page last night, writing: “It’s a boy! @hotpatooties & ! would like to introduce Art O’Porter, our gorgeous baby. Well, I’m pretty sure he’s ours.”

In true Chris fashion, attached to the announcement was a mildly terrifying photoshopped image of a baby with Dawn’s signature bob and his own beard…We love it!

Dawn also spoke about the birth of her baby boy on her own Twitter page, telling fans that the little one is actually one week old: “Thanks all. He is one week old today. It’s been a beautiful week. I think we’ll definitely keep him.”

We just love these two – congratulations! 


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Emma Power reports



Moone Boy has proved a hilarious and highly successful TV show since it’s début in 2012.

And it seems its creators don’t want to let go just yet as they are in discussions about a possible movie for Martin (David Rawle) and his imaginary friend,  Seán (Chris O’Dowd).

O’Dowd created and co-writes the show as well as starring in it. The show is also set in O’Dowd’s hometown of Boyle in Co. Roscommon, where it is believed the movie would also be set.

The show’s co-writer, Nick Vincent Murphy, confirmed that a movie could be on the way, saying, “There are rumours of a film – isn’t it exciting? I can confirm that”.

It would seems also that there are possible time constraints on both the finale and a movie, “you can’t have an imaginary friend forever, so this story is going to end and we’re figuring out how to end it.”



Chris O’Dowd showed what a perfect gentleman he is after he gave his Broadway co-star, Leighton Meester a gift

The duo are currently working together on Broadway show, John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men in New York.

Chris gave the Gossip Girl star a show t-shirt and Leighton decided to thank Chris by sharing a Instagram snap of herself wearing the new shirt: “Thank you @bigboyler my tee!! #miceandmenbway represent!”

Not sure what Leighton’s famous alter ego, Blair Waldorf would think of the shirt from the Boyle man but at least Leighton seems to love it.




Irish actor Chris O’Dowd was spotted sporting a new look as he walked around New York recently; however, it was all in the name of art.

The Moone Boy star was almost unrecognisable after he shaved his head and grew a particularly shaggy beard for his new role in Of Mice and Men on Broadway.

Our favourite funny man stars alongside James Franco and Leighton Meester as he plays the role of Lennie Small in the America play.

While he may have ditched his distinctive curly mop, it seems Chris is having a blast on the set.

Talking to The New York Times about working alongside the Roscommon native, James said: “He’s 90 percent less stoned than I was expecting. Also, I knew he’d be really smart, but he’s proven me wrong every day with that!”

He added: “I’d honestly heard great things about him. We have mutual friends, and everyone was like, ‘You know what? He’s an odd dude, but I think you’ll really like him.’”