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So, it seems that our own Sonia O Sullivan could be adding a few more medals to her collection.

Shocking reports have been released stating that Chinese competitors were using drugs while racing in the mid 90s.

After 22 years, Sonia could now be awarded two World Champion gold medals for her participation in the Stuttgart race, where she was outrun in two races by Chinese athletes in 1993.

According to Chinese reports, women who trained under Ma Juren were forced to take drugs to enhance their speed.

One of the women from the so-called "Ma's Army" wrote a letter to the media, telling them of her drug use, as well as having it signed by nine of her team mates.

According to the Irish Independent, the letter states, “We are humans, not animals. For many years, [he] forced us to take a large dose of illegal drugs. It was true.

Our feelings are sorry and complex when exposing his deeds. We are also worried that we would harm our country’s fame and reduce the worth of the gold medals we have worked very hard to get.”


Sunday; late afternoon… you're feeling wholly 'lethargic'. Lying sprawled on the couch watching back-to-back episodes of Botched is all well and good, but there is also the small matter of food to consider.

Lethargic Sundays, after all, have 'calorie mega-splurge,' written all over them (and never mind that Thursday, Friday and Saturday were also 'treat' days). 

Yes, the dilemma is not so much whether you will or won't order a take-away (that's a given) – and more whether said take-away will consist of chipper, pizza or Chinese.

And it seems that the rich and famous folk of this world are just like us too (sorta).

For it has now come to our attention that none other than teenager reality TV millionaire Kylie Jenner had a serious case of the munchies on Sunday – and that she evidently fancied Chinese. 

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, when Ms Jenner does take-away – she does it with style.

In fact, the 18-year-old splashed a cool €4,500 (say what?) on her cravings: she had a chef from her favourite Beverly Hills eatery make the 45-minute journey to her Calabasas abode to whip up Chinese fare for her and her mates. 



A photo posted by PhilippeChowBeverlyHills (@philippechowbeverlyhills) on

Philippe Chow is a favourite among celeby-types (including Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Brown, and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner squad).

It offers a prawn starter for €17, while three vegetable spring rolls are a tenner. It's €60 for a whole red king crab in garlic and butter and surf and turf for two is offered at €100. Sides such as broccoli and mixed veg are €10.

So while the food isn't crazy expensive (in a Beverly Hills context anyway), the luxury of having your own chef whip up Philippe Chow snacks in the comfort of your own €2.2m home evidently costs a pretty penny. 


Thank you @philippechowbeverlyhills for coming to the house tonight

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Ms Jenner was on Instagram yesterday to thank the restaurant for coming out to see her, although some fans questioned whether it really was money well spent. 

"Spending $5000 to have them come to your house instead of just goin there is ridiculous," one said, also warning: "She's gonna blow thru her money and then wish she had made better choices."



Can you tell what someone’s like in bed just by looking at their face?

Well, that’s what Siang Mien devotees claim.

The Chinese have been practising the art of face reading for more than 3,000 years and say our features give away a whole lot about us – including just how much we can rock his world!

Here’s a round-up of the supposed giveaway sexual signs written all over your face.

Small and sparse: You could take or leave sex, and would rather read a good book than get it on in the bedroom.
Thick and bushy:  You love sex! You never tire of passion and lust after your crush on a daily basis!

Pale eyes: You’re easily sexually satisfied, and have a tendency to change partners faster than outfits.
Dark eyes: Passionate and into marathon deep and meaningful sex. You’re dynamite in bed, and keep your man on his toes with lots of intense, varied sex.

Lips and mouth
Large mouth: Large mouthed lovers are unselfish and take time to pleasure. Oh my!
Full bottom lip: You’re a sensual adventurer, but are more likely to cheat! People with wide mouths want to be (and are) bosses of the bedroom.
Small mouth: You’re quick to orgasm, wary of new people, loyal only to a few and not very affectionate!

Snub nose: Dreamy and into romantic sex and traditional positions. Not interested in erotic adventures.
Bumpy nose: Not only do you love sex, you like loads of it – the kinkier the better!