Ways to make your study space more productive


Whether you need a space for work or study, there are ways of making it much more productive with minimal effort – which is our type of effort, obviously…

Here are some ways of getting your study space into tip-top condition to ensure you get the most out of your work:

Having a bright space to work in is really important, but never underestimate the calming effects of a lamp either. On those dull days we have a lot in Ireland, a lovely orange-y light emitted into the room will help you feel warm and cosy allowing you to work away in comfort.

While it can be nice to have two hot water bottles strapped to each leg, one on our middle and another for our back, making sure the room has air circulating is really important for concentration levels.

Not only do plants look nice, they also greatly improve the air quality of a room by reducing carbon dioxide levels. Businesses with more plants are said to have more productive workers who make less mistakes. We’re sold!

Blankets and pillows
Pretty pillows and blankets will make you feel cosy and by decorating your space will make it feel your own.

Many candles emit a subtle smell and a dim light which will make your space seem peaceful and snug. Just remember to blow them out!