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Westlife have just released a brand new single called Hello My Love, and naturally fans have damn near lost their sanity over it.

The boyband are set to release their first album since 2010's Gravity, and The Twenty Tour is already the group's fastest selling tour of all time.

Mark, Shane, Nicky and Kian will play massive Croke Park dates in July, which has fans ecstatic in expectation.

An INSANE 400,000 tickets were sold in just 48 hours, so you can bet on their new single being played on the radio pretty much 24 hours a day from now on.

Their new tune, Hello My Love, was written by renowned pop hitmakers Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac, so it's bound to be a successful chart-topper.

However, one perceptive Twitter user named Aifric noticed the peculiar lyrics about hair which are featured in the song, and now we're confused.

In case you've been living under a sizeable rock and have missed the furore, the semi-romantic lyrics are;

"'Cause you could have someone without a belly or a temper, perfect teeth, hair growing where's meant to…"

Hair growing where it's meant to? 

Aifric commented; "the lyrics to the new Westlife song are…grim," pointing out the strangeness of body hair being featured in a supposed love song.

What exactly is the definition of 'hair growing where it's meant to'? We're fairly sure that all hair grows where it's meant to, it's called EVOLUTION lads. Look it up.

We genuinely hadn't noticed the lyrics, we were too busy blasting the tune and wrangling randomers online to try and get a Croke Park ticket, but now we're investigating the song for science purposes only.

bill nye GIF

*Strokes beard thoughfully*

Seeing as we're an extremely balanced source, we decided to search for other Westlife fans (or foes) who have expressed opinions on the lyrics.

One Twitter user @ghoulenaloops, wrote that the lyrics go straight to the heart, proclaiming; "That's LOVE'. Alright then, if you say so.

Some fans don't have any issue with the lyrcs, it seems. Maybe the boys meant it in a 'this girl is far too good for me' way?

After all, the chorus suggests that the writer of the song emphasises that his lady is so perfect, that he's punching far above his weight.

"Hello, my love, I've been searching for someone like you for most of my life, happiness ain't a thing I'm used to. You could have fallen hard for anyone, plenty of fish in the sea…
For all of time, now I know, It's just my angel and me."

The boyband essentially specialise in ballads and pop songs revolving around a (female) love interest, but this tune kind of implies that the lad is insecure AF.

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Twitter had some more…interesting… reactions, mainly from fans who choose to ignore the eccentric lyrics out of sheer dedication to the band.

Others hilariously commented on the fact that any decent assumptions which were made about the physique of the Westlife lads were being steadily shattered;

@Wendybird1 wrote that the lyric is, heaven forbid, ruining illusions about Shane Filan's 'perfect body'. The poor woman must be devastated.

Another fan with a 'wee soft spot' for the musical foursome commented that the lads are…*gasp* 'SCRAPING THE BARREL with these lyrics. Ouch, that one hurt.

Typically, society tells men that hair growing in the 'wrong' place translates to back hair, nostril hair and even hair sprouting out of ears.

If we fight back against the patriarchy controlling women's body hair (anyone who has experienced a Hollywood wax knows the PAIN), shouldn't we encourage men to embrace their bodies in their natural state?

im so real i didnt even wax tichina arnold GIF by VH1s Daytime Divas

Society shouldn't have any say in an individual's body and its preference of hair, but perhaps Westlife like a bit of male grooming?

Manscaping has become a major trend for men in recent years, which is essentially the equivalent of a bikini wax.

However, some ladies love a hairier man. Everyone has their own styles and preferences, who are we to define them?

hairy jim carrey GIF by Dumb and Dumber To

What are your thoughts on the lyrics, innocent male insecurity or just plain body-shaming?

Give us your receipts, our scientific investigation on the mane matter rages on…


With so much going on in his personal life, it can be difficult to remember that Liam Payne is a recording artist.

But earlier this month the singer sent Twitter into a state of mass confusion after signing his first solo record deal with American label Republic Records.

Already that collaboration seems to be baring fruit as yesterday the 23-year-old pop star took to Instagram to tease his first single.


@dannyboystylesxo @benbillions @bibibourelly

A video posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

The unnamed track includes NSF One Direction lyrics like “I wanna make love to you, be onto you, so hard for you” and “all these other b*tches here be tripping, the way you walk in is so different, I just wanna make it with you”.

So far fans have expressed mixed feelings towards the preview with many taking to social media to share their disappointment with the teaser.

“I want to support Liam Payne but his new song snippet sound awful.  The autotune, the lyrics…Just…NO (sic),” wrote one.

While another said: “Why does the new Liam Payne song sound like a male iteration of Britney Spears.  Girl that auto tune hurts.”

Meanwhile others have speculated that the song is about Cheryl, with some going as far as to suggest that it remarks on the star’s rumoured pregnancy.

Many believe the lines “All the best things take a little time, take a little time baby.  This ain’t nothing, take a little time baby” strongly hint that the couple are expecting their first child.



A photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

With such a short clip to work with, it remains unclear as to whether or not Liam is singing an innocent pop song or referencing his BAE's secret pregnancy.

But hopefully if the rest of the track gets released, all will become clear.



She’s 18 now – and while her rapper beau Tyga has previously denied including Kylie Jenner in his (often explicit) lyrics… it seems her milestone birthday is about to change all that.

The 25-year-old musician is currently working on new material; and the content of one particular track – Stimulated – is certainly raising eyebrows.

One line includes: "They say she young… I shoulda waited… She a big girl, dawg… When she stimulated."

The same song furthermore includes a reference to "penetration."

Of course, we don’t know for sure that he’s definitely referring to the teenage TV personality, but it’s certainly seems probable – not least as the duo have been romantically linked to one another for at least a year.

Since celebrating her birthday earlier this month, Tyga and Ms Jenner have taken their union to the next level: on a recent sun-soaked trip to St Barts in the Caribbean, the duo put on numerous PDAs – something they very much avoided while she was still underage.

It’s not the first time that his explicit rhymes have been linked to reality TV’s most famous family either.

In a previous song, Pleazer, Tyga rapped about vagina juice, getting prosecuted for having sex with a minor, and Kardashian pu**y. Although he later insisted the track was NOT about Kylie, but some other random woman.

It has been reported that the rapper’s most recent musical offering, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, bombed in terms of sales.

It was due to be released last December, but numerous delays and issues meant it only emerged in June.

18th Dynasty subsequently failed to even break into the Top 200 in the US, and supposedly has shifted a wholly modest 25,000 copies.

Tyga has previously said on Twitter that he’s not bothered by the album’s apparent poor sales performance – claiming he was always more focused on success via streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Still, it would hardly be surprising if he decided to start including his much more famous girlfriend in his lyrics: after all, the publicity alone would be invaluable. 

And while he's showering her with impressive gifts – including a €300,000 Ferrari (which Kylie then had altered last weekend) – friends have claimed that he's living widely beyond his means. 

"He's holding out for a major reality TV show with Kylie, or another lucrative deal on the back of their relationship," one associated recently offered. 

"Tyga recognises that he's racking up debt at the moment, but he's confident with Kylie now 18, they'll be inundated with six- and seven-figure offers over the next few months."

Last week, it was reported that Ms Jenner was offered an astonishing €9m by Vivid Entertainment – if she wanted to do porn.



Lily Allen’s comeback album seems to be ruffling a lot of feathers in the celebrity world!

Now it seems one star mentioned – model Jourdan Dunn – was far from impressed to hear her name mentioned in Sheezus album track Insincerely You.

The song includes the lyrics, “I don’t give a f**k about Delevigne. Or that Rita girl. About Jourdan Dunn.

‘I don’t wanna know about your perfect life. Your perfect wife and it makes me sick. I don’t give a f**k about your Instagram. About your lovely house or your ugly kids.”

Jourdan, who has a four-year-old son Riley, was quick to ask who the ‘ugly kids’ Lily was referring to were.

She tweeted last night,  “Errm @lilyallen who’s ‘ugly kids’ was you talking about in this song??”

The singer, who was attending a Chanel event in London around the same time, replied, “@missjourdandunn it’s a reference to something another artist said about my children on Twitter. Also, only mentioned you cause your name rhymes with ‘one’. Sorry.”

The model then replied, “@lilyallen Ohhh because my name rhymes with ‘One’!!!!! Look at you, you lil lyrical genius!!”

It is believed the lyrics regarding ‘ugly kids’ referred to rapper Azealia Banks, who tweeted Lily last summer, “Your kids are ugly.”

Lily hit back at the model’s mocking by saying, “People are so gagging for beef , seriously get out more.”

Some of Lily’s tweets have since been deleted, although Jourdan’s part in the chat is still online.

Lily signed off, “I’m sick of explaining my lyrics to people, they’re pop songs, no more, no less. If you don’t get it or like it, look the other way. Simples.”

Not so “simples” it seems Lily!