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Feverous Black Friday shoppers are HELLA p*ssed off as they are being forced to wait HOURS in online store queues.

Customers are being forced into virtual lines on store websites, yet retailers are claiming this was all properly planned… eh, what?

One man shared a screenshot on Twitter of his queue number: 107578th in line. Good God, people, this is utter madness.

It's fair to say that the eager online population are sufficiently angry, with complaints coming in left, right and centre for numerous brands, such as Debenhams.

A Debenhams spokesperson claimed that the system was "managed" and that customers have all been successful with their shopping experiences:

"Some customers experienced a short delay in accessing our website at peak hours last night."

"By implementing a managed 'queue system' we were able to ensure that once customers had accessed our site, they were all able shop the offers successfully."

Reports of thousands of websites crashing are also gaining traction on Twitter, it seems that online stores were hugely unprepared for the onslaught of consumerism which Black Friday brings:

Sky News were told by Game:

"Due to the volume of traffic to our site we are operating a queuing system to make it as fair as possible to our customers in getting the deals they want."

However, stores this morning on the high street were experiencing regular volumes of customers, with no queues in sight. It seems online shopping has officially taken over:

Remember gals, Black Friday is a massive marketing campaign, so try to resist the mania surrounding it.

Use deals websites to spot the best discounts, ask yourself if you really need the items and don't assume that just because it's on sale, it's a bargain.

Economically and environmentally conscious shopping needs to be a priority with the massive amounts of clothes going to waste.

shopping GIF

Stay strong gals, resist the urge.

If you can't resist, we hope you get through the online queue hysteria at least.


Nobody likes waiting in a queue.

Despite the fact that we hate them, we seem to spend a large amount of our time stuck in queues. So much time in fact, that a company in Manhattan, Same Old Dude Lines (SOLD), will send people to wait in a queue for you for a fee.

One reason that we find queues so frustrating is that no matter what, we always insist that had we chosen a different cashier, or traffic lane, then we wouldn’t have been waiting.

So, is there a way to skip the queue every time? Possibly, we found some tricks designed to help you spend less time waiting around and more time living your best life.

Stop going right:

Founder of SOLD, Robert Samuels, says: “The majority of us are right-handed and the right side line will always tend to be the longest. We instinctively go to the right.”

So perhaps we should reconsider our preferences next time we’re doing the groceries.

Shift your thinking:

Why are we willing to wait for hours outside an Ed Sheeran concert but two minutes in the local shop makes our blood boil? Researchers discovered this is because we value experience over products.

So next time you’re pissed off in the supermarket consider the positive experience waiting once you get home.

Do the maths:

Someone actually did. No seriously, someone has actually done the research for this. 

Dan Myer has worked out a formula for choosing the shortest line at the supermarket. “Every item in everyone’s baskets and carts has an average time cost associated with it,” Meyer says.

And that time cost is around three seconds per item. You also have to allow 41 seconds for greeting the cashier and paying.