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Sam Smith may be a Grammy award winner, but apparently that doesn’t mean complete worldwide recognition like people thought it did.

The Stay with Me singer was visiting Colorado during the week when he came across a local news station holding an interview.The 23-year old was at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver. He is currently performing in the U.S following his successful recovery from surgery. 

Finally, we have some real proof that what when it comes to acting a bit of an eejit whenever a news crew appears, celebrities just can’t help themselves either.


Photobombing the news 

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Except, obviously Sam is far cooler us than the rest of us non-Grammy winners and is perfectly capable of acting coy and uninhibited on camera.

You can tell quiet clearly from these hilarious GIFs, courtesy of Buzzfeed, that Sam clearly had less than innocent intentions when he stumbled across this prime photo-bomb opportunity.

He indulged in the fan favourite bunny ears.

Oh but then. Then he went all out flawless with this glorious wind machine inspired moment.

The two interviewees were less than impressed though.

Which is ridiculous because Sam is amazing, just look this pose. He nailed it.



As we all know, there is no topic more interesting to discuss than British Prime Minister David Cameron and his promises about their NHS healthcare reforms… Hmmmm. We didn’t think so either.

And it seems that we weren’t the only ones. These two guys apparently knew exactly how dull this topic was when they decided to hijack Sky News’ airtime by performing a magic trick in the background.

Reporter Ashish Joshi was standing on the grass in front of Westminster when the stage illusionists, Young and Strange, decided that this was their opportune moment to get some real airtime and put on a show.

And the result is absolutely hilarious. 



A couple were taking the MOST ADORABLE engagement photos ever, when they were phot bombed by someone jogging in the park.

Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were shooting in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with photographer, Alisha Siegel.

The duo were posing when suddently they heard a woman yell: “Oh my god! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!”

It then transpired that this stranger was the hilariously funny Amy Schumer.

The notorious funnywoman (and prankster) Amy, joined in on the photo-shoot fun.

Photographer Alisha, admits to PEOPLE: "I thought it was a little weird, but I said yes anyway.

"She took off her sunglasses, we snapped a quick pic, and right after, she says, 'You guys know I'm like reeeeeeal famous.'

The Brooklyn-based photographer also says that the encounter was a complete shock, leaving her just a bit starstruck once she realised who Amy was.

"My face went totally blank and I said, 'Oh my god! Amy! I love you!' Needless to say I was pretty excited," says Siegel.

And the couple were completely stunned too – and now they're hoping this viral photo will help get Amy to their wedding, which is set for October in NYC

Alisha said her mailbox has been inundated with photography requests ever since, and the happy couple even got a mention on Amy’s Instagram!


Beautiful engagement photo ruined by yours truly

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We all know from past awards shows that Jennifer Lawrence is a big fan of photobombing and last night’s Golden Globes were no exception.

Jennifer was spotted lurking behind Taylor Swift making faces and generally acting the maggot.

The Hunger Games actress then went on to tell Taylor that she was going to come up and “push her down the stairs” to which Taylor replied, “People would love that”.

The girls both looked absolutely stunning, with Jennifer dressed in white Dior and Taylor looking classically beautiful in Carolina Herrera.

Ryan Seacrest later uploaded the incriminating photo onto his Instagram, labelling it “the most important photo from the #goldenglobes red carpet”.

We agree, keep up the good work Jennifer!