From the end of last year we've had every storm imaginable, from Barney to Gertrude, it seemed like they just didn't stop.

However, one Irish weather woman became a national hero when she battled it out with Storm Desmond for a once in a lifetime weather report.

Teresa became so popular that many gifs and memes were made, as well as song remixes and even a ceili dance.

Well, one Sky News weather woman is trying to take our very own Teresa Mannion's place by conducting a very similar news cast.

Joanna Simpson became the UK's national hero overnight as she was almost swept away by Storm Katie.

Very much like Teresa's report, Joanna tried to keep a straight face as the wind bashed against her and blew her hair away.

We have to say, we think Teresa's report won by a long shot as she had to battle the rain as well, but who knows, maybe we need a competition to equal things out.

There's only one weather woman able to brave a bristly storm, and that's Teresa Mannion.

*Exclaimer: This is purely for fun and we really feel sorry for Joanna having to work in that weather.*