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Renowned film director Quentin Tarantino has married his fiancée Daniella Pick in an intimate ceremony today in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has reported.

The happy couple have been engaged since July 2017, with Israeli news publication Haaretz being the first to announce the ceremony would be taking place.

The Israeli singer chose fashion designer Dana Harel to designed four white wedding dresses for Pick in the run up to her nuptials.

Pick and Tarantino first met in 2009 when the well-known director was promoting his film Inglorious Basterds in Israel. Pick announced their engagement last year through her Instagram, saying;

"'We're so excited and happy to celebrate our engagement here in ISRAEL," she posted. "Thanks for your kind wishes. We feel truly blessed."

Pick, 35, is the daughter of Svika Pick, an Israeli pop singer.


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Pick shared photos of her lavish bridal shower on her Instagram, with the singer wearing a flower crown and frilly white gown, as well as the classic 'bride-to-be' sash in gold letters. 

The 55-year-old director is scheduled to release Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, his latest offering, in 2019.

The movie centres around the controversial antics of the Manson family murders of 1969, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie.


As more and more of Harvey Weinstein's victims found the courage to come forward, more and more families were left reeling by revelations which detailed the abuse their loved ones endured at the hands of the now disgraced movie mogul.

Coming to terms with the fact a woman in your life was the victim of a sexual crime is hugely harrowing – something Mira Sorvino's father articulated during a recent interview with TMZ.

Mira, who starred in Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion star alongside Lisa Kudrow, found herself blacklisted by Weinstein when she rebuffed his sexual advances – an experience she detailed in an article for Time.

The actress, who won an Oscar for her role in Mighty Aphrodite, was reportedly sexually harassed by Weinstein on a number of occasions – a revelation which has devastated her father, Paul Sorvino.

After being asked for his opinion on Weinstein's alleged campaign against Mira, Paul, an actor whose own career has spanned five decades, said “If I were to answer you, I might put everybody in jeopardy."

"But if I meet Harvey Weinstein on the street, he better, he ought to hope that he goes to jail because if we come across, I think he’ll be lying on the floor somehow. Magically.”

"Good for for him if he goes to jail because if not, he has to meet me. And I’ll kill the motherf*cker.”

Mira's account was first featured in Ronan Farrow's landmark exposé for the New Yorker in October last year.


In the days that followed the initial allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino took to Twitter to tell his followers that he would need to take time off social media in order to process the reports.

"Utterly shocked by the revelations about Harvey. He is a good friend, but if he is guilty, there are issues that are inevitable," the director wrote.

"We need to stand up and support victims of abuse such as the brave and inspiring women who have spoken out."

However, it seems the director was more aware of the movie mogul's conduct than he initially admitted on Twitter – something he addressed during a recent interview with The New York Times. 

"I knew enough to do more than I did," the 54-year-old revealed. 

Admitting that he received first-hand information on the subject, he continued: "There was more to it than just the normal rumors, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things."

Indeed, Quentin's former girlfriend, Mira Sorvino, once revealed that she had been mistreated by Weinstein – something Quentin didn't pursue because he felt that it wouldn't happen again once Weinstein was aware of their relationship.

Acknowledging that his attitude to the incidents fell massively short, he did attempt to explain how he navigated them, by saying: "What I did was marginalize the incidents,. Anything I say now will sound like a crappy excuse.”

“I chalked it up to a ’50s-’60s era image of a boss chasing a secretary around the desk,” he said. “As if that’s O.K. That’s the egg on my face right now," the director added.

“We allowed it to exist because that’s the way it was,” he said.


The murder of actress, Sharon Tate, back in 1969 sent shock waves throughout Hollywood.

And as the wider community attempted to come to terms with the vicious slaying of a pregnant woman at the hands of Charles Manson's cult, press and documentary-makers swarmed Los Angeles in order to gain a deeper insight into what drove a group of young women to murder.

Over the course of the last five decades, a number of television programmes have been made in relation to the case, but news that iconic filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, has decided to make a movie about the infamous crime has reignited the public's interest.

With a number of high-profile names being bandied about in relation to the upcoming film, Sharon Tate's sister, Debra, has added her voice to the conversation, and it seems she's less than impressed with some of the actresses currently in the mix.

When asked whether she would rather see Jennifer Lawrence or Margot Robbie play her late sister, Debra was forthcoming in her views when speaking to TMZ,

"Not that I have anything against [Lawrence], but she's…she's not pretty enough to play Sharon" Debra opined."That's a horrible thing to say, but you know. I have my standards,"

Championing the Australian actress, Debra continued: "My pick would be Margot simply because of her physical beauty. And the way she even carries herself is similar to that of Sharon."

"Physical beauty wouldn’t be so important but Sharon’s six years of her public life were all based on that incredibly beautiful, natural, perfect look in both soul, heart and spirit. So that’s what I’m looking to try to capture."

Equally stunning, let's hope the actress is chosen on talent alone.


Congratulations are in order for Quentin Taratino – he's reportedly engaged!

The infamous director popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Daniela Pick, according to The Times of Isreal.

The Israeli singer and Quentin met back in 2009 while he was promoting his movie Inglorious Basterds.

The publication states that Daniela confirmed the news to Ynet and said they were both "very happy and excited."

The story by The Times of Israel was tweeted from the official account of The New Beverly Cinema movie theater in Los Angeles, which Mr Tarantino owns.

The couple have been on-again/off-again for many years, but it seems like they have finally settled down.


We think it's safe to say that whenever anyone makes a mistake now, we're going to say they're pulling a Steve Harvey, after his Miss Universe debacle.

Well, Jamie Foxx pulled the ultimate Steve Harvey at the Golden Globes last night when he was presenting the award for Best Original Score. 

He announced the winner to Straight Outta Compton – who didn't actually win – and then quickly retracted his statement, repeating Steve's "it's right here on the card" apology speech.

Now, of course, Jamie was joking, and the winner, Ennio Morricone, composer of The Hateful Eight, wasn't even there to accept the award. 

Instead, the writer of the film, Quentin Tarantino, took to the stage to accept the award. But in classic Quentin fashion, he managed to annoy people while making his speech, and referenced "that ghetto" in a bad light during it. 

So, when Jamie went back on stage to welcome his daughter, Corinne, this year's Miss Golden Globe – he took the opportunity to shut down Mr Tarantino, questioning his "ghetto" comment for the whole world to see. 

And of course, fans reacted on Twitter to the slip: 




Quentin Tarantino and his longtime muse Uma Thurman got people talking at this year’s Cannes festival with lots of hand-holding and kisses on the red carpet.

Since then, it has been assumed that the two had finally gotten together and were a couple so we’re not too sure what Uma will make of this!

The Pulp Fiction director was pictured on the streets of New York with actress Vanessa Ferlito and the two looked very close indeed…!

The Julie and Julia actress also shared a photo of herself and Quentin on her Instagram page, writing: "Look what the cat dragged in. #NYC #QuentinTarantino."

Not only were the two kissing and cuddling but it also appears as if they were having a heated discussion – perhaps about the fact Quentin has a girlfriend?!

We hope for Uma's sake that the she and Quentin have gone their separate way before this!

Uma separated from her partner, Arpad Busson in April of this year. 



Apparently Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to team up with Quentin Tarantino for his latest film The Hateful Eight.

The first trailer for the film was leaked last night (but has since been removed) and there seemed to be only one woman in the ‘Hateful Eight’, who goes by the name of Daisy Domergue – and there are rumours that this will be Jennifer’s role.

As the film hasn’t gone into production yet, the trailer didn’t actually show any of the cast. Instead it just showed a snowy landscape with text about strangers being stranded and the tagline: “They soon discovered they shared a deadly connection”.

Ooo, sounds like a good old fashioned Tarantino film! We bet J-Law would be amazing in one of his films – she’s definitely got the attitude down!

Her reps are trying to squash the rumours – but until we are sitting in the cinema and Jennifer doesn’t appear on screen, we’re choosing not to believe them!




This is one angry director.

Following the leak of his script for The Hateful Eight, which was expected to be his next big movie, Tarantino is absolutely livid and has dropped the movie completely.

Saying that he will instead publish the screenplay, Tarantino wants to find out who is responsible for the appearance of the script online and has launched his own investigation:  “I gave it to three motherf**king actors. We met in a place and I put it in their hands. It’s got to be either the agents of Dern or Madsen. Please name names”.

The actors named by Tarantino are James Madsen and Bruce Dern, who is nominated for a 2014 Best Actor Academy Award . The director also said that the script was give to Tim Roth, but he has been ruled out as the source of the leak.

The director’s anger at the betrayal was palpable as he explained he would not make The Hateful Eight his next production: “I give it out to six people, and if I can’t trust them to that degree, then I have no desire to make it. I’ll publish it. I’m done. I’ll move on to the next thing. I’ve got 10 more where that came from.”

Tarantino is one of Hollywood’s favourite directors, having worked on Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction and True Romance to name a few.