Apparently Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to team up with Quentin Tarantino for his latest film The Hateful Eight.

The first trailer for the film was leaked last night (but has since been removed) and there seemed to be only one woman in the ‘Hateful Eight’, who goes by the name of Daisy Domergue – and there are rumours that this will be Jennifer’s role.

As the film hasn’t gone into production yet, the trailer didn’t actually show any of the cast. Instead it just showed a snowy landscape with text about strangers being stranded and the tagline: “They soon discovered they shared a deadly connection”.

Ooo, sounds like a good old fashioned Tarantino film! We bet J-Law would be amazing in one of his films – she’s definitely got the attitude down!

Her reps are trying to squash the rumours – but until we are sitting in the cinema and Jennifer doesn’t appear on screen, we’re choosing not to believe them!