We think it's safe to say that whenever anyone makes a mistake now, we're going to say they're pulling a Steve Harvey, after his Miss Universe debacle.

Well, Jamie Foxx pulled the ultimate Steve Harvey at the Golden Globes last night when he was presenting the award for Best Original Score. 

He announced the winner to Straight Outta Compton – who didn't actually win – and then quickly retracted his statement, repeating Steve's "it's right here on the card" apology speech.

Now, of course, Jamie was joking, and the winner, Ennio Morricone, composer of The Hateful Eight, wasn't even there to accept the award. 

Instead, the writer of the film, Quentin Tarantino, took to the stage to accept the award. But in classic Quentin fashion, he managed to annoy people while making his speech, and referenced "that ghetto" in a bad light during it. 

So, when Jamie went back on stage to welcome his daughter, Corinne, this year's Miss Golden Globe – he took the opportunity to shut down Mr Tarantino, questioning his "ghetto" comment for the whole world to see. 

And of course, fans reacted on Twitter to the slip: