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There are less than four months to go until the most wonderful time of the year and yes, we are very excited about it. Christmas will be here before you know it so make sure you’ve got all your presents in order before they sell out.

One gift on everyone’s Christmas list is the No7 Beauty Advent Calendar.

Beauty lovers can now sign up to the waiting list for the highly anticipated No7 Beauty Advent Calendar.

The calendar is packed full of your No7 skincare and cosmetics favourites, guaranteed to turn up the voltage for the festive season.

Plus, the iconic festive treat is even better this year. There are seven golden tickets worth an incredible £700/€900 each hidden at random and are redeemable on all No7 products.

Those who register on the online waiting list will have exclusive early access to purchase the calendar the day before everyone else. What's not to love?! 

Click here to sign up to the No7 Beauty Advent Calendar waiting list.

The No7 Beauty Advent Calendar costs £42/€50 and is worth £173.50/€235.



According to the brand itself, a tube of No7 'The Full 360' mascara is sold every nine seconds. NINE SECONDS. There must be a pretty good reason for it's cult beauty status.

We simply had to jump on the offer once we saw Boots were handing out No7 mascara for just €14, with four slick options available; 'The Full 360', 'Lash Impact', 'Exceptional Definition' and 'Lash Extender'.

No7 mascara is specially formulated for "instantly more noticeable lashes," according to the company, and produce the product in both brown and black tones.

The curved brush grips every lash, coating from root to tip for longer-looking lashes and a wide-awake curl.

Apply three coats for best results which last up to 12 hours, so whether it's a night out with the gals on a sweaty dancefloor or a morning meeting where you want to show off, you won't have to reapply.

The patented brush is made from paddle-shaped bristles which are carefully rounded at the ends to grip onto lashes, defining and coating them in layers of formula. We like the sound of that.

Fans have long been praising No7 mascara for the way in which it grips onto lashes, yet doesn't leave any clumping. Is this some kind of beauty sorcery? What miracle is this?

Boots has to carefully stock it's 'The Full 360' mascara so that it doesn't sell out, and now we know why. 'Lash Impact' and 'Exceptional Definition' use nutrients to enrich the intensity of the coating.

The incredible offer is only from July 3 until July 30, so get yourselves down to Boots ASAP before it expires and you're the only one without these perfect products. Bat them lashes to the MAX ladies.

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Feature image: No7



We know that Christmas is still a long way away (117 days, FYI) but you just have to see this unreal Christmas beauty calendar from No7.

Being huge fans of No7, we're seriously excited at what this calendar holds – €250 worth of the brand's cult hero products.

Yes, you read that right. 

The products include the ever-popular Protect & Perfect serum, which is priced at €50 alone.

If you're looking to get your hands on it, well, you might want to register via the online waiting list as that way, you have the chance to buy it one day ahead of everyone else. 

Over a whopping 4,000 people in Ireland registered last year for the calendar waiting list alone. 

Yep, it's just that gorgeous.

So, what else comes with this stunning calendar I hear you ask?

It has thirteen full-sized beauty products, nine miniature products as well as a limited edition champagne mini foundation brush, tweezers and a Match Made Lipstick voucher.

Perfect for stocking fillers or perhaps, a well-deserved treat to yourself? (We won't tell a soul!). 

To be in with a chance to nab this exclusive limited-edition purchase, sign up today at https://www.boots.ie/no7/no7-beauty-calendar-waiting-list because, trust us, this will sell out fast!



After a long winter, we are FINALLY seeing some summer sunshine.

However, the change in weather can leave our skin looking a little bit dull.

Fear not! Your summer skin boost is here and we LOVE it.

Perfect for mature and sensitive skin, it will have you smiling all summer long without worrying about those smile lines.

This new product, No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum, aims to enhance your natural beauty, which includes those all-important facial expressions.

According to research by the No7 labs, you’re more likely to be considered more beautiful by more people, regardless of your age or background by having a naturally expressive face.

Half of the 1,000 women who were studied found that you’re perceived as sexier when you get au naturel with your expressions.

To give you even more excuses to smile, the study showed faces that were smiling were perceived to be three times more vibrant than those showing a neutral or unhappy look.

This special serum is uniquely designed to target those stubborn lines areas, such as around the lip area and forehead. The product works in coordination with your natural beauty, so you don’t have to compromise on your expressions, frown away ladies!!

The reason why we and other women are so obsessed with the Line Correcting Booster Serum it gets the results without the pain of an injection.

Interestingly, researchers found a small sample size of women who were considering Botox, after trialling the product for two months, more than three-quarters of them said the serum gave them better results than they thought possible from skincare. Another 73 percent said they were less likely to consider Botox in the future.

Of those that had already had Botox, a whopping 80 percent of women said the serum gave them better results than they thought possible from skincare and 73 percent said they would delay their next treatment.

 You can pick up the serum here, Boots currently have 3 for 2 offer on selected skincare, with the cheapest free. 


We might think we have years before we need to start worrying about solutions to ageing, but in fact, the care you take when you're young can help to delay the process and keep skin looking fresher for longer. 

S! TV presenter Lisa Kavanagh chats to Judy Wong, Boots leading masseur, at the launch of No7's new Early Defence Skincare.

Their Early Defence day, night and eye creams have been designed for 20-35 year old women to delay the signs of ageing. 

Its 'Double Defence' gives protection from the sun and other stresses to keep skin looking young and revitalised for longer.

The whole range is very affordable and can be bought at any Boots store.



**Competition time!**
Winner: Moira McGrath

It's competition time here at SHEmazing! once again!

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It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts and this year Boots have got you sorted.  From beauty to homeware they have it all.

Emma Power from SHEmazing! TV caught up with the Head of Christmas at Boots to find out what we can expect this year. 




This week, we have a hamper of No7 goodies up for grabs!

We want to make sure you’re picture perfect this summer, so we’re offering you the chance to win a gorgeous collection of make-up. With perfect on-trend lip and nail colours, along with foundations, bronzers, mascaras and more, you’ll have everything you’ll need to look flawless.

To enter, pop over to our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Good luck, girls!



S! TV’s Beauty Expert Odette demonstrates a wonder product promising to cover up those dark under-eye circles and bags we suffer from!



If you haven’t heard about No7’s latest anti-ageing product, Protect and Perfect Advanced serum, you must have been  hiding under a rock!

The latest addition to their Protect and Perfect range has been met with raving reviews, so SHEmazing! caught up with Irish woman Orla Wardlaw to talk about whether or not it actually worked.

Orla was one of eight women who took part in the Four Weeks, No Mirrors challenge to showcase just how much the serum changes your appearance.

The women were given the appropriate serum for their skin and at the same time all mirrors were removed from their lives so they couldn’t see their face.

Like most of us when it comes to a new product, Orla was a little sceptical about how good the serum could actually be.

However, after just three weeks, Orla says she could feel changes in her skin, especially in her frown line. And while she couldn’t see these changes until the four weeks was up, they were pronounced enough to be able to feel.

Orla’s typical skin care regime consisted of just washing her face and moisturising, but now she raves about the silky, soft texture of her skin thanks to the No7 serum.

Applying four pea sized amount every morning and evening, Orla was absolutely thrilled with the results.

While she admits the biggest thing to come out of the challenge is the glow that the serum gives to her skin, she was especially thrilled when she was confident enough with her skin to go into work make-up free.

Sounds like we need to get ourselves some of this!


Real Irish woman used in an international beauty campaign for No7 Match Made Service. Find out her story here.



As the days get longer and the temperature heats up, it’s time to finally embrace (almost) summertime. The best way to get a healthy glow is with a bit of bronzer so here are our top three products that will suit any budget

Penny savvy
Rimmel Sunshimmer Natural Bronzer is a natural light looking powder that also contains SPF8. It adds a lovely glow to the skin and the great price means you will be able to use it everyday.

Treat yourself
The No7 Perfectly Bronzed Mosaic Bronzer is perfect if you have a little extra cash to spare. It has a light mix of colours that allows you to perfectly blend for a sunkissed look.

Flash the cash
The Too Faced Beach Bunny Custom-Blend Bronzer is a combination of four sun-kissed bronzers that blend into a deep summertime tan all year round. The bronzer is perfect for contouring and giving you that sunkissed look.


Rimmel Sunshimmer Natural Bronzer €7.35; No7 Perfectly bronzed mosaic bronzer €15.50; Too Faced Beach Bunny Custom-Blend Bronzer €36.00