No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced serum


If you haven’t heard about No7’s latest anti-ageing product, Protect and Perfect Advanced serum, you must have been  hiding under a rock!

The latest addition to their Protect and Perfect range has been met with raving reviews, so SHEmazing! caught up with Irish woman Orla Wardlaw to talk about whether or not it actually worked.

Orla was one of eight women who took part in the Four Weeks, No Mirrors challenge to showcase just how much the serum changes your appearance.

The women were given the appropriate serum for their skin and at the same time all mirrors were removed from their lives so they couldn’t see their face.

Like most of us when it comes to a new product, Orla was a little sceptical about how good the serum could actually be.

However, after just three weeks, Orla says she could feel changes in her skin, especially in her frown line. And while she couldn’t see these changes until the four weeks was up, they were pronounced enough to be able to feel.

Orla’s typical skin care regime consisted of just washing her face and moisturising, but now she raves about the silky, soft texture of her skin thanks to the No7 serum.

Applying four pea sized amount every morning and evening, Orla was absolutely thrilled with the results.

While she admits the biggest thing to come out of the challenge is the glow that the serum gives to her skin, she was especially thrilled when she was confident enough with her skin to go into work make-up free.

Sounds like we need to get ourselves some of this!