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No7 has just unveiled their latest skincare product and we cannot wait to try it. The No7 Advanced Retinol 1.5% Complex Night Concentrate is set to become a beauty favourite. It is clinically proven to be kinder to your skin. It consists of a 0.3% retinol, within a 1.5% complex designed to give maximum results and minimum irritation.

In new research, No7 and Boots found that the top of women’s beauty wish list are products that tackle fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol has a broad range of skin benefits including tackling wrinkles and improving skin texture.

78 percent of women say they are taking skincare more seriously as they get older, with 19 percent believing the best time to start using a skincare product with retinol is when a woman hits her thirties. In fact, even if there’s no visible signs of photo-ageing yet, the boost to skin renewal and surface skin cell turnover that retinol produces can benefit most women from their twenties. 

While retinol has been available since the 1960’s, interest in the ingredient has increased in recent years. It has historically been very hard to deliver in an effective format, often breaking down before it can take effect on the skin and, when delivered in a high potency, it can cause irritation and skin inflammation, known as retinoid dermatitis. For these reasons, No7 has held off on bringing a retinol formula to market until now…

Although lots has been written about the ingredient in recent years, the survey found there is an opportunity to help women better understand how to incorporate retinol into their regimes and to experience the many benefits it can bring.

No7's top tips on how to incorporate retinol into your regime are:

  1. Keep up your regime: Incorporating a retinol into your regime can have lots of benefits on your skin but it’s important that this is in addition your night cream and not instead of it!

  2. Ramp up usage slowly to give your skin a chance to build tolerance:  One in five (21 percent) of women surveyed said their skin found retinol difficult to tolerate at first. You can avoid this by limiting initial use to once or twice a week (on non-consecutive nights) and then ramping up to every night after about 4 weeks.

  3.  Use product sparingly: Almost half the women (52 percent) surveyed who have experienced some irritation believe they used too much product (we recommend two pumps of the No7 Advanced Retinol 1.5% Complex Night Concentrate).

  4. More is not always best: 30 percent have used a product with a higher percentage of retinol than their skin could tolerate, which can lead to women not wanting to use the product regularly.

  5. Use an SPF: As retinol can leave your skin more prone to damage from the sun, always wear at least SPF15 during the day.

No7 Advanced Retinol 1.5% Complex Night Concentrate 30ml is available from Boots.ie priced at the introductory offer of €25 from May 28th, 2020. Normally €36.



I feel as though everywhere I look, I'm being told about a new product I should be using on my face. 

It can get pretty overwhelming, as few of us are cosmetic experts, and the vast majority of us also just don't have the time.

So, considering we all have a lack of time, but an interest in what really works – we're going to help! 

All the lovely ladies in SHEmazing HQ are going to start trying out various beauty products – and report back on the results. 

Gamme Hydra Essentiel de Clarins, parfait pour les peaux déshydratées et assoifées

First up is the moisturiser I use twice a day, every day. 

I have pretty alright skin (thank you mother for the genes), but I do suffer from dryness and dehydration on occasion. 

I also have pretty sensitive skin, so while I may not have spots, I can break out in a rash in the blink of an eye, if I use something my skin doesn't love. 

Thankfully, my skin LOVES Clarins 'Hydra-Essentiel' silky cream (full disclosure – this is NOT sponsored by Clarins, I'm just obsessed with this cream.)

Growing up, my lovely mum always used Clarins, so you could almost say it's in my blood – but I always thought it was a brand for older skin. 

Wrong. This cream is PERFECT for us ladies in our 20s, who are only starting to pay our skin attention. 

The Clarins website describes the cream as:

'With this cream, your skin’s capacity to retain water is restored. It remains intensely hydrated in all circumstances. Its secret? Organic, leaf of life extract, a powerful natural hydration activator that boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid* production. Your instantly quenched skin is fresh, comfortable, radiant, and plump.'

Say bye bye to dry skin thanks to Clarins Hydra-Essential line

And honestly, I would usually be fairly cynical when it comes to product descriptions, but this one hits the nail on the head. 

It is not the cheapest moisturiser in the world, at €45 a tub, but honestly it's well worth the investment. 



There seems to be a beauty product for every nook, cranny and follicle on our bodies. 

It's exhausting to keep up!

But when Pure Gold Collagen caught our eye, we had to look deeper into this beauty trend. 

Pure Gold Collagen is a liquid beauty supplement designed to nourish skin from the inside out, targeting the areas most associated with collagen loss.

The active ingredients claim to be twenty times more effective than using a topical collagen cream or collagen pill. Impressive!

Collagen plays a key role in providing the structural scaffolding for cells, tissues and organs, as well as giving your skin strength and plumpness. 

As we age, the production of collagen gradually decreases which causes the loss of elasticity and increased dryness – and nobody has time for that!

Astonishingly, our skin will start to sag when we hit our late-twenties! So it's really time for most of us to start prepping our skin for this loss.

In Pure Gold Collagen, the combination of ingredients is said to plump up the skin in only six weeks. It also contains vitamin C to boost the efficacy of those ingredients. 

If you're sold already, there are numerous rave reviews on the Internet and you won't have to look too far if you want to try it out as well, as it's available in Boots!

We think we might give this one a try!



Competition time!

We have a fab collection of Body Shop goodies to give away to one lucky SHEmazing reader. The pack contains BB Cream, Honeymania hand cream, Wild Argan Oil, Strawberry Body Sorbet and more.

Simply like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to enter.

Good luck!




Another fabulous competition for our SHEmazing readers!

Chic Treat Club have introduced a brand new monthly rolling subscription offer to celebrate the success of their first six months in business.

The boxes contain amazing brands, such as Lancôme, Wet n Wild, Burts Bees, Physicians Formula, NYX and more! You’re pretty much giving yourself a monthly present – and so you should because you’re awesome!

To win your very own three-month subscription, head over to Facebook or follow us on Instagram

And remember, sharing is caring!




This week, we have a hamper of No7 goodies up for grabs!

We want to make sure you’re picture perfect this summer, so we’re offering you the chance to win a gorgeous collection of make-up. With perfect on-trend lip and nail colours, along with foundations, bronzers, mascaras and more, you’ll have everything you’ll need to look flawless.

To enter, pop over to our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram.

Good luck, girls!




If you are heading to one of the many festivals happening across the country this summer, you might already be panicking about how to stay gorgeous, even though you are slumming it in a tent.

Here are 8 must–have items that will keep you looking gorgeous even if you won’t be showering for a few days…

Batiste shampoo
This will become your best friend. Pick one with a fragrance to hide the fact that not only is your hair greasy but also kind of smells….

Do not leave your house without packing this in your bag. Seriously, no one will thank you if you forget it.

Tinted moisturiser
After a few sleepless nights and one to many drinks your skin will be left looking dull and grey. A tinted moisturiser will make you look more awake.

We may sound like your mother  saying this but don’t forget the suncream. Red skin is not attractive.

No need for thick, heavy make-up at a festival. Bring along a concealer for hiding any blemishes.

Great for opening up your eyes and it can also double up as eyeliner.

Lip balm
Festivals mean festival selfies! Make sure your lips are ready by bringing along a lip balm that you can also use as a blusher.

Baby wipes
To clean your face and body of course!




Just before she attended the New York premiere of Noah, Emma Watson revealed just how much goes into looking ‘naturally’ beautiful.

The 23-year-old shared the following picture on her Twitter page with the caption: “Couldn’t have survived today without…”


Products in the snap included skin soother, Batiste Dry Shampoo, make-up mist, radiance booster, concealer kit, nail polish and skin illuminator.

The actress obviously likes to be prepared for emergencies as well, along with a few safety pins there was a Guardian angel pin and stain remover. She has also included an iPhone, barely there knickers and a GHD.

The Harry Potter star clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously as she tweeted a picture of her finished look with the caption: “I did NOT wake up like this!”

It’s refreshing to see a celeb who is honest about the work put in to achieve the coveted red carpet look.



Kiehl’s have been providing expert tailor-made skincare since they opened over 160 years ago in New York City. Using the best of cosmetic and herbal knowledge, they’ve developed a wide range of amazing products that will leave you and your skin feeling fantastic from tip-to-toe. Our beauty writer Odette called into their flagship Dublin store to find out more:

I arrived into the Kiehl’s Wicklow St store full of excitement. I’ve used and loved a couple of Kiehl’s products in the past, like their Eucalyptus Lip Relief Balm and their Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, but I’m definitely still a newbie to the range.

I was greeted by a lovely skin consultant who asked me in depth about my skin, my skincare regime and any problem areas I had before deciding what products would be best suited to me.

She then pulled out products for an entire start-to-finish skincare regime tailored just for my skin and tried them out on me, so I could feel the texture and consistency. I have to say I was so impressed by how right she got every product, I easily could have bought the lot!

Anyone who pops into the Kiehl’s flagship store on Wicklow St. will be offered a complimentary and bespoke skincare consultation, as well as deluxe sample of some of the products to try at home.

Also, when you fall head over heels for any of the products recommended to you and spend over €75, you will given a full size Crème de Corps body moisturiser for free, but only while stocks last, so get down ASAP as it really is too good of an offer to miss! I am now a total Kiehl’s convert and can’t wait to go back.



Every girl will always have their favorite go-to beauty products. But, whether you have your own iconic make-up sets or not, there are just some things every girl should have – or at least try.

Here’s our top five beauty picks for this month:

5 beauty products every girl should own

PRICES:  €8.65, Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara, Boots; €5.70, St Ives Blemish Fighting Facial Scrub, Boots;€18.50, Ruby Woo, MAC;  €2.60, Carmex Lip Balm Tube, Tesco; €6.39, Assie Dual Shine and Protection Serum, Tesco



The Chic Treat Club is a new Irish beauty and lifestyle subscription service that delivers five gorgeous beauty products to your home each month.

The idea behind the service is to encourage girls to be more adventurous with their beauty purchases by offering the opportunity to explore and experience new products.

The Chic Treat Club is 100% Irish owned and prides itself on supporting local businesses and stockists and you can even snag brand new international products before they launch in Ireland!

There are currently three membership options available: three months, six months and 12 months. The skincare, hair care and make-up products are delivered in really pretty boxes on the third week of every month and their couriers even offer the facility to choose a two-hour window during which they’ll deliver.

The inaugural box is valued at over €35 and as well as the team ensuring that it isn’t filled with ‘sample sizes,’ it also includes an additional product for the first 100 subscribers.

Introductory membership starts from €44.95. For more information visit www.chictreatclub.com.



With so many beauty products on the market containing so many ingredients we can’t pronounce, you might find yourself longing for something simple.

If that’s the case, you may want to consider making your own products – this way you don’t have to worry about putting harmful chemicals on your body.

Rather than destroying your kitchen, pop over to DIY Beauty Diva; a new website dedicated to your inner ‘beautycrafter’ that can help you find and make your own products.

Run by Lorraine Dallmeier who has a background in botanical skincare, DIY Beauty Diva can help you save a few pennies on expensive cosmetics.

You’ll find recipes ranging from lip balms to body scrubs, all made from natural products.

Hashtag ‘DIYBeauty’ on Twitter and see how other people have rated the recipes before you try them and then head straight over to DIYBeautyDiva to get started.

Have fun, ladies!