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According to the brand itself, a tube of No7 'The Full 360' mascara is sold every nine seconds. NINE SECONDS. There must be a pretty good reason for it's cult beauty status.

We simply had to jump on the offer once we saw Boots were handing out No7 mascara for just €14, with four slick options available; 'The Full 360', 'Lash Impact', 'Exceptional Definition' and 'Lash Extender'.

No7 mascara is specially formulated for "instantly more noticeable lashes," according to the company, and produce the product in both brown and black tones.

The curved brush grips every lash, coating from root to tip for longer-looking lashes and a wide-awake curl.

Apply three coats for best results which last up to 12 hours, so whether it's a night out with the gals on a sweaty dancefloor or a morning meeting where you want to show off, you won't have to reapply.

The patented brush is made from paddle-shaped bristles which are carefully rounded at the ends to grip onto lashes, defining and coating them in layers of formula. We like the sound of that.

Fans have long been praising No7 mascara for the way in which it grips onto lashes, yet doesn't leave any clumping. Is this some kind of beauty sorcery? What miracle is this?

Boots has to carefully stock it's 'The Full 360' mascara so that it doesn't sell out, and now we know why. 'Lash Impact' and 'Exceptional Definition' use nutrients to enrich the intensity of the coating.

The incredible offer is only from July 3 until July 30, so get yourselves down to Boots ASAP before it expires and you're the only one without these perfect products. Bat them lashes to the MAX ladies.

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If your New Year's Resolution revolves around self-contentment and self-care, why not attend an event which will provide you with the perfect platform for your 2018 mission?

Following from the huge success of her first Full 360 event in September, Alison Canavan’s The Full 360 Series will tour the country in the New Year and Spring.

The Full 360 event offers a day of interactive talks and demonstrations centering on complete holistic self-care, the first show of its kind in Ireland.

Kicking off the New Year in Dublin on January 14, the Full 360 will also travel to Athlone on February 4, Cork on March 25 and Kilkenny on April 15, with further shows to be announced over the coming months.

Hugely excited to bring the event nationwide, Alison said: “I can't wait to share my passion for wellbeing with everyone."

"Change is possible for anyone who wants it and I'm going to show you how to live better and feel better in 2018. Through meditation, great food, gratitude, yoga and raising our vibration expect to leave inspired and ready for the year ahead.”

So what does it involve?

Guests can expect compelling talks, relaxing meditations, energizing dance tracks, healthy and nutritious refreshments, interactive workshops and demonstrations, with each event rounded off with a restorative yoga session.

And the main thing? Well, everyone will leave the event in a re-energised, mindful and uplifted state of mind.

Oh, and the kicker? Each guest will be presented with a luxury goody bag containing generous gifts from well known health and well-being brands such as Dr Bronners, Couleur Caramel cosmetics, Pukka and many more

We know what we'll be signing up for!


When it comes to the concept of self-improvement, few generations have been more dedicated and enthusiastic than ours.

Obsessed  with clean eating, fixated with fitness rituals and preoccupied with perfecting our work/life balance, it's hardly surprising many of us feel like we’re falling short when we don’t tick every box on a regular basis.

And what happens when you think you’re falling short? You invariably lose hope, and ultimately give up.

Feeling helpless and hopeless is frighteningly common among young men and women in today’s society, which is why it’s absolutely vital we arm ourselves with tools which allow us to alter the skewed perception we have of our supposed failings.

And that’s where The Full 360 comes in.

The first of its kind in Ireland, The Full 360 is a day where the sole focus will be on complete holistic self-care centering on health, skincare – for men and women – and wellness from the inside out and the outside in.

Hosted by health and wellness coach, Alison Canavan the show, which takes place on Sunday September 17, aims to introduce people to manageable behavior changes and habits that are possible to include into their already hectic schedules, to empower people to see and experience what they can do for themselves instead of feeling helpless and hopeless.

From 11 until 7pm in the Radisson Blu on Dublin’s Golden Lane, you will receive talks on meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, natural products, healthy eating tips, stress reduction techniques and much more, from Alison and a hand-picked selection of expert exhibitors and speakers including Jennifer Rock A.K.A. The Skin Nerd and Integrated Wellness Coach and yoga teacher Miriam Kerins.

Having struggled with depression, anxiety and addictions for over half her life, Alison is keen to help those who have found themselves in a similar position.

“I’m so excited to be hosting my first Full 360 event this September. I want people to take back control of their health and stop outsourcing their power,” she says.

“Once we realise how powerful we are anything is possible. Health is much more than food and fitness, it's about the small habit patterns and decisions we make every second of every day. Keeping stress low and practicing authentic self-care is the only way to achieve true wellness from within."

If there's one way to improve your future (and your Sunday), it's taking the time to hear from people who want you to leave feeling enriched and empowered.

We'll see you there, ladies.