Nadine Coyle is a national treasure, and like with all people we love, sometimes a good-natured slagging is merited.

From her aversion to her own birth date to her revelations about Girls Aloud, Nadine is an icon with an outrageously MEME-able history. 

Now, a clip of her saying one particular word has been circulating the internet in a viral manner.

Back in 2010 Nadine Coyle appeared on Sunday Brunch, and the clip has resurfaced. 

In the clip, Nadine tells the hosts that she prefers cooking savory dishes, saying: 

'Working with flour and making sweet things I'm not so used to.'

It's her pronunciation of the word 'flour' that has the clip going viral. 

Comedian Sam Lake took the joke to a new level, creating a remix of Nadine's now iconic pronunciation with Little Mix's hit song Power. 

We are falling around the place laughing it this!

Here's the full segment if you want to give it a watch: