What a disaster! Nadine Coyle suffers from a major make up FAIL


It was an early start for Nadine Coyle this morning, so early that she must have gotten ready in the dark. 

The singer was hoping to add a touch of glamour to her early morning interview with Lorraine on the ITV show, but instead her look turned out to be a complete #fail. 

Her make-up consisted of a (very) wrong foundation choice which seemed to be plastered all over her pretty features. 

Yep, her face was yellow and her neck was white – a mistake made by many of us in our teenage-disco years. 

The contrast was extremely noticeable and her bright pink lips and dark shadow didn't do much to help her either.

Viewers noticed the disaster quite quickly and took to social media to question the make-up fail.

One Twitter users asked, "What the hell is going on with Nadine's foundation it's completely the wrong colour."

Another pointed out, "Nadine has an orange face and white neck. Even I know how to blend," while another blamed the make-up artist, "Ooh, Nadine needs to sack the MUA – that foundation is totally the wrong colour."