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Pretty Little Liars is one of our all time favourite dark teen dramas – so when we heard one of the Liars themselves had been cast in a Riverdale spin-off, to say we were excited is an understatement. 

Lucy Hale, who played Aria Montgomery in PLL, is returning to our screens in another Archie Comic adaptation, called Katy Keene. 

The show will follow a number of creatives as they fight to make their mark in New York City. 


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Lucy, who will play the lead role as Katy, will portray the wannabe fashion designer in the musical (!!!) drama/comedy. 

'Well I’m slightly freaking out ! Thank you…for trusting me to be your KATY KEENE. my heart is bursting' she posted to Twitter. 

Lucy will be joined by Riverdale’s Ashleigh Murray, who will continue her role as Josie McCoy as she attempts to make it big as a singer in New York.  


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Also on the cast are Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan. Jonny will play Jorge/Ginger Lopez, a drag performer with Broadway aspirations, while Julia plays Pepper Smith, an It girl influencer. 

There is not yet a premiere date for Katy Keene, but we'll definitely be tuning in.


Sometimes, it can be difficult to make time for ourselves in our hectic world. 

Pressures from work, relationships and our social lives can make self care and 'me-time' impossible – but one actress is reminding why it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes. 

Taking to Instagram, Lucy Hale told her followers exactly how she took the time to recharge. 


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'For the last week I took a solo trip to Arizona,' the actress wrote.

'I spent my days hiking, meditating, and spending time with myself. I’ve never done this before because I used to feel that putting myself first was selfish. It’s not.'

'Not only is it healthy, but it’s necessary so that you can be the best for everyone else around you.'


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'I know this happens in other industries other than the one I’m in, but it’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the vortex of worrying about the next job, the success of a current one and what others think of you.'

'This trip was a beautiful reminder that my health and happiness are crucial to the life I want to live and in order to be the best for my career and my loved ones, it’s necessary to do really nice things for yourself.'

'SO, I highly recommend treating your mind, body and spirit right.'

We don't need to be told twice. 


We saw our fair share of celebs post throwback pictures for Father's Day yesterday, and Lucy Hale was no different.

The Pretty Little Liars star posted a gorgeous snap of her and her dad, standing side by side and beaming into the camera.

Lucy captioned the picture, "You thought me to have soul. I love you daddy," yet it's what she said in the comments section that really irked her fans.


You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.

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Directed towards her hair stylist, Scotty Cunha, Lucy wrote, "ugh I was so fat," and many of her followers are outraged.

Lucy has some young followers due to her role on PLL, so this message could be very problematic to them.

One followers commented, saying: "I know you've got the right to say that, but just imagine what it's like for your fans who are a little bit bigger or struggling with their body to hear that from their idol who's obviously never been fat."

While everyone has body insecurities, perhaps this could be a wake-up call for people in the public eye to be more careful with the words they use.


Lucy Hale is hanging up Aria Montgomery's well heeled, probably studded boots as Pretty Little Liars comes to a close.

Filming has officially finished on the hit TV series, and the brunette actress is ready for a new role.

Lucy has been cast to play the protagonist in up-coming comedy-drama Life Sentence.


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The TV drama follows the story if a young woman who is diagnosed with terminal cancer,a nd makes it her mission to live like it's her literal last day on earth.

Suddenly, she discovers that she's not dying after all and has to learn to live with the consequences of the choices she made when she decided to “live like she was dying.”

Sounds like a pretty amazing concept to us.


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Pretty Little Liars wraps up its seven-season run in April this year with its final 10 episodes.

And we still don't know who A is. 



Lucy Hale is facing a potential legal battle after a gossip site posted two topless photos of the star on their webpage.

The site, called Celeb Jihad, is renowned for posting nude, stolen images of female celebrities.

The site describes itself as covering "explosive celebrity gossip from Islamic extremists."


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The page uploaded two screen shots of topless photos, which the Pretty Little Liars star alleges were stolen from her phone by a hacker.

This would mean that the photos were obtained illegally and legal action could be taken against anyone who publishes them. 

The website is known for "exposing" celebrities and is also considered to be a porn site.


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Lucy's legal team have sent a letter to the site requesting the removal of the images.

This comes after Emma Watson's lawyers filed a successful cease and desist case against the site, after images of her in a sheer top which exposed her nipples were uploaded to the page.

The images have since been removed. Here's to hoping Lucy's lawyers get the same result. 


Our favourite Pretty Little Liar, Lucy Hale, has released her own line of phone cases. 

After having recently wrapped the final season of the hit show Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale has gotten a new job.

The 27-year-old has launched her own line of snazzy phone cases, and they are all absolute perfection. 

"Most people don't think twice about tech accessories, but really, they should be an extension of who you are and what you wear" Lucy told E! News. 

The gorgeous actress designed a 34-piece collection full of drawings and beautiful floral patterns that will help you start the perfect tech accessory collection. 

We are absolutely putting these babies on our Christmas list. 


Lucy Hale is one of our favourite actresses at the moment, so we're glad to hear that she's all loved up!

It was reported during the year that Lucy was dating musician Anthony Kalabretta, but then rumours that went from 'she's engaged!' to 'they already broke-up' surfaced within weeks.


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But the woman herself has set the record straight, telling People that they are indeed an item, and are still together – but not engaged.

"It's going good. He's great!" she told the website.


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The pair were first spotted together this summer at a LA Dodgers game and have been happy out ever since. 

We're delighted for her. 



Our favourite cast member of Pretty Little Liars is not stranger to a dramatic makeover. 

After chopping her long naturally brown locks into a short, choppy bob, we know that this star is akin to a bit of a change now and then. 

However, we certainly did not expect this!


I dye.thank you @kristin_ess for temporarily making me the blonde alter ego I've always wanted to be.

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With thick, dark brows and naturally brunette tresses, we never imagined to see Lucy go for an all-over lighter hair shade. 

And we mean much lighter. 

Yep, it seems our Lucy has decided that blondes must have more fun as she drastically adds blonde highlights to her barnet. 

While she has played around with lighter shades in particular a blonde balayage, she has never been this bright before. 

Adding golden blonde hues to her dark hair, the resulting look is a very natural, beachy and sun-kissed effort, perfect for Spring. 

According to the Instagram post, the look is temporary and most likely for a role but we reckon it looks so good she may just keep it for a while. 

More pics immediately Lucy!


Let's be real, all the liars are absolutely gorgeous, right?

And you'd probably think that they have to go through HOURS of hair and make-up prepping to be camera-ready.

But Lucy Hale, AKA Aria Montgomery, spilled the beans that she is actually the one that applies her make-up before they start shooting. And after years of prepping, it's safe to say she's got pretty good at it.

But one thing she aces each and every time is applying her false lashes.

She applies simply little tricks, like using a bobby pin to spread the lash glue. Genius.

The woman herself made a how-to video for Cosmo, so if want to look as good as Aria, now's your chance. 



While on this side of the pond we may not have been throwing any star studded bashes to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, some of our favourite celebs stateside were showing their patriotism in the best ways, with pool parties and plenty of red, white and blue bikinis.

Kate Hudson’s dancing skills and Taylor Swift’s celebrity squad bash were only two of the fun filled events captured on social media. Some of our favourite famous faces really got into the spirit of things over the weekend and we rounded up some of our favourite snaps they shared on social media to mark the celebrations. 

Lucy Hale sported some patriotic bikini style:


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Kourtney Kardashian donned some nice head gear…

Kate Hudson got into the groove. Seriously.

Beyoncé rocked the denim on denim look:


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While Kim Kardashian literally turned herself into an American flag for the day… 



She’s best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars, but actress Lucy Hale has been wowing her fans of late with her musical talents – which is why her latest announcement is sure to break their little hearts.

The 25-year-old, whose debut album Road Between is due out soon, has been forced to call off her entire tour due to vocal strain.

Taking to her social media to apologise to fans, the star expressed her disappointment at the turn of events.

Her statement read:

“Words cannot describe how disappointed I am for having to cancel something we were all looking forward to. Your support of my music has made me so happy and you’ll never know how grateful I am for you. I am going to follow through and take the advice not to embark on the tour at this time to prevent further damage. I love you all and thank you for your understanding.”

Needless to say, Lucy’s fans were quick to share their disappointment, with one tweeting: “I am so confused but I love you and I hope everything is okay.”

Get better soon, Lucy!



It’s official – Lucy Hale IS dating Lawson drummer hottie, Adam Pitts.

Rumours about the pair dating have been circulating for a few weeks now but we reckon this hand-holding just about seals the deal!

While Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy is still acting coy on her Instagram account, her drummer boyfriend has no problem sharing photos of them hanging out together.

Aww, very cute you guys!