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Oh celebrities really are just like the rest of us! Admit it, you have often contemplated jetting off to Paris at the last minute when your foodie cravings get the best of you.

Why not, really?

At eight months pregnant, Kim Kardashian-West has had some serious food cravings.

However, unlike most pregnant women, Kim satisifed her sweet tooth by flying all the way to Paris for cheesecake at the Hôtel Costes.

She travelled 5,642 miles from LA to Paris for one slice of cheesecake. This is fact.

The confession came out during a recent Vogue podcast. In the interview, Kim said she made the trip in a bid to say farewell to her favourite tasty foods – as one does. 

“[The trip was a] last hurrah of all the food that I’m not going to be able to have for a while," she explained.

The idea being that, after she gives birth to her second child, she won’t be eating any cheesecake… ever. Considering her siblings' fascination with hoarding Oreos in glass jars, we wish her well.

However, despite her last-minute flight, disaster struck as their was no cheesecake left in the restaurant:

Kim said she told staff: ‘”You don’t understand, I leave tomorrow and I flew all the way over here for one night, maybe two nights”. And they said “OK, we’re going to get it.” And they got it and it really made my day." 

This is not just any cheesecake, of course. According to Time Out, the hotel is the place to for celebrity sightings and naturally their prices reflect this:

“All produce is rigorously selected and each dish is carefully executed; but excellent quality comes at a price. You won't pay less than €100 euros and may be treated to some haughty table service. “ 

If you thought maybe dessert was a little pricey then be warned – the humble club sandwich will set you back €28.

Kim K does luxury like no other. 


Following their highly publicised split three months ago, Kourtney Kardashian has been keeping a relatively low profile.

As Scott continued to document his luxurious and party-filled lifestyle on social media, Kourtney seemed to be focused on spending time with their kids, and her sisters.

There are rumours that the mom of three is a “nervous wreck” whenever Scott spends time alone with their kids. On a recent trip to a book shop in LA, Scott appeared “antsy” and was supposedly barking orders at Mason and Penelope.

Kourtney apparently always calls to check on her kids when they are with their dad, and a family insider is also said to have revealed that Kourtney refuses to allow their 9-month old Reign to be alone with Scott:

"She really has no choice: She doesn’t want to anger him because who knows what he’ll do.”

“He wasn’t really paying attention to them — he seemed distracted and out of it,” one eyewitness tells Radar Online.

Kourtney is said to have implemented some strict rules in order to keep Scott, 32, in line.

One of these specifies that Scott is only allowed to spend time with his two eldest children on the weekends, and they must be back with Kourtney no later than 8 o’clock.

An insider has told InTouch that five-year old Mason has had a tough time coming to terms with his parents break up. As a result Kourtney has put him in therapy.

“Mason tells her when Daddy acts ‘mad, sad or weird,'” the source is reported as saying.

“Kourtney knows it’s important that her kids see their father, but it breaks her heart to think they’ll remember Scott like this.”


So, you know how Kylie tends to post pretty much everything on social media?

Her dog’s birthday parties, her poolside lounging and every time she gets her make up done are all documented on her Snapchat stories. There is even an entire Instagram account dedicated to the videos in case you ever miss out on one.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The 18-year old reality TV star was recently “passed the baton” of social media queen by big sister Kim and while her fans might enjoy all of her ‘behind the scenes’ style videos, some people do not.

That would include her rapper boyfriend Tyga. The 25-year old was minding his own business lounging on the couch when he was caught by Kylie’s camera.


Her latest post has a video of her telling him she “posted it”, although we don’t know what ‘it’ was. Tyga wasn’t all that thrilled about it when he responded:

“Oh my god. Why do you post everything? Damn! You’re killing me!”

Since turning 18 earlier this summer, Kylie has included an awful lot more of Tyga in her social media posts, which are getting to be quite intimate indeed.



A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Earlier this weekend she posted a video of herself in the bath. Granted she was wearing clothes and it was supposedly a promotional clip, it seems Kylie is not afraid of getting people talking.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has also reportedly told her mom Kris that she deserves to be paid more than Kim as she is the more popular sister.

“Kylie has told Kris that they should focus more on her in the show rather than on Kim," a source told Radar Online.

“She added that is clear to her who the fans really want to see now. Kris is enamored with her 'new cash cow', so Kylie might just get what she wants.”


Khloé was one of five Kardashian sisters to launch her app earlier this week, although Kourtney’s is running a little late but we are promised it will arrive soon.

Each of the sibling’s apps promises to cover a plethora of topics and give us insight into each of their lives. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just not enough, obviously.

Kylie has already premiered her first beauty instructional video. Considering the family are famous for their trend setting contouring habits, we reckon there might be some duplicates coming shortly.

Khloé clearly saw this coming and decided to go down a different route, because she knows what the people really want.

We wanted snacks, and Khloé delivered.

Apparently in the past her Instagram shot of a beautiful flower arrangement got a lot of attention, but most of it was focused on her perfectly organised cookie jars in the background.

So Khloé decided to post an instructional video of how to stack your biscuits in a glass jar from Target because she can.

Possibly the most impressive part of the video is her ability to handle a ridiculous amount of biscuits and not eat a single one. She also does this every month.

We have one very important question: what happens to the leftovers? Because those biscuit packets are HUGE.

Also, as Jezebel first pointed out, Khloé’s snack-attack video could be a sign that she’s moving away from her sister’s beauty themed apps as they took note of how she hadn’t even downloaded her sister's apps.

Although she took to twitter to refute the claims:



We thought we knew as much as there to know about Kylie Jenner. The 18-year old reality TV star keeps everyone updated so frequently with her daily Snapchat stories that some days we feel like we know her better than some of our actual friends. She likes to keep us all in the loop.

As it turns out, there is one major skill that she has been keeping from us all this time. We knew she had mastered the art of the selfie a long time ago, and there's no denying she can do hair transformations like no other. However, we had no that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is quite the chef. 


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

"Kylie can throw down in the kitchen, she can cook!" her bestie Justine Skye told E! News about Kylie.

The singer couldn't stop talking about Kylie's skills in the kitchen as she made an appearance at the Fashion Police New York Fashion Week kick-off party. 

The Emotionally Unavailable singer (who makes an appearance in Kylie's Snapchat stories from time to time incase you were curious), believes that the brand new adult is something of a domestic goddess. 

"She is just an amazing cook. I literally can live in her house and have her cook for me."

Cooking actually is not the only skill that Kylie's been working on according to Syke. She thinks that Kylie's hair transformations are worthy of serious praise. 

Her frequent style changes continue to impress it would seem. She noted that right now is the perfect time for Kylie to experiment with her style:

"I feel like we are young and it's necessary cause we are young and we are just having fun and we are experimenting."

She added that "You got to do it all now while you are still a teenager and young adult."

"'Cause when your older, you gotta be more conservative and like womanly so I feel like now are just having fun!"

Her kitchen skills though still take centre stage when it came to heaping praise on her friend:

"She makes the bomb fried chicken. I know everybody is gonna say something, but she actually makes the bomb fried chicken.


You can’t deny that there is a lot of Kardashians and Jenners to keep track of these days. They are everywhere you look and there does not seem to be any slowing down.

Since Kylie’s many celebrations for her big 18 birthday, the famous family have been giving us all some serious holiday wardrobe envy as they prance around St. Barths.



A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Now there is some great news for anyone who considers the siblings to be their ultimate style icons.

The website The RealReal, have in stock items from the wardrobes of the Kardashians and Jenners. It seems like before their big family holiday they took the time clear out some closets. How nice of them.





So now you can actually own the pants Kendall wore during Paris Fashion Week. Or the spiked Louboutins Khloe wore to kick the shins of her enemies. That’s probably not what she did with them, but they do have that badass vibe going for them.

For anyone out there in need of both a taco fix and some Jenner style inspo, you can get your hands on Kylie’s Chanel clutch. Fancy, and also reminiscent of a tasty snack.

While the family might not fancy owning the pieces anymore, they are still quite the style guide, and really who wouldn’t want to own something the famous family have lived in. Imagine, you could be sweating into the same white tunic (from The Row, FYI) that Kendall did once upon a time.

Except not, because we all know that Kardashians don’t sweat, they glow. That’s how good their makeup skills are these days.


It looks like Kylie Jenner may not be the only sister who is fond of changing her style these days.

While Kendall may not be so daring with her choice of hair colour, and we’re assuming that has a lot to do with her modelling career, things seem to have changed.

The 19-year old has been holidaying in St. Barts with her family and it looks like all that time in sunshine has really gotten to her, because her hair is now blonde.



A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

She debuted her new look on Instagram with the caption “Ken-doll”, and we have to admit that we needed to do a double take. We also enjoyed how she saw the opportunity for pun use, and she took it.

Considering how her trademark look for some time now has been those dark shiny locks, this made for quite the change.

Quite an amazing change really, because she still looks fantastic.



A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Regardless of how bold it was for Kendall to go from dark brown to a more honey-blonde hue, she’s not exactly the first Kardashian-Jenner to try the blonde look.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Khloe, Kourtney, Kim and Kylie have all gone the blonde route at some point, although some of the transformations have been more shocking than others. The sisters are also fans of changing up their looks in less than permanent ways.

So we shall have to wait and see if this is indeed a total transformation for Kendall, or if she was wearing a wig after all.


Kris Jenner is appearing on the cover of Haute Living New York this month.

While we thought that perhaps she and Scott Disick had managed to put behind them their tense relationship, it looks like his recent behaviour means Kris is not going to be welcoming him back into her family in the future.


A photo posted by @krisjenner on

The 59-year old reality TV mogul and manager has shared with the magazine her opinion on some of her famous family’s recent activities.

Speaking about daughter Kourtney, who is in the middle of a very public split from partner Scott Disick, Kris says she is incredibly proud of Kourt.

“She’s kind of my hero right now- she makes good decisions.” Kris said about the 36-year old’s separation from Scott after photos emerged of the former party boy looking far too cosy with an ex-girlfriend.


A photo posted by @krisjenner on

“She always puts her children first,” Kris continued, saying “This situation has made me realise how strong she is.”

Kourtney and Scott were together for 9 years and have three children together. Their relationship appears to have come to an end in recent weeks. In July Scott was spotted partying and cozying up with former flame Chloe Bartoli.

Hollywood Life reports however that since joining his children for a visit, Scott is eager to get back on the Kardashian clan’s good side. Apparently, he even “wants Kris present when he and Kourtney have future meetings so she can help play mediator.”

Somehow, we can’t imagine Kris is going to be inclined to let Scott get away with anything. 


Could it really be true? Will we finally be saying goodbye to the reality TV family that were never afraid of letting us into all aspects of their fabulous and sometimes bizarre lives?

The E! network series Keeping Up With The Kardashians that launched the extended family into the media spotlight is rumoured to be coming to an end.

Reports are suggesting that sisters Kim, Khloe and Kylie are all eager to quit the show. Hollywood Life says that momager Kris Jenner is begging her daughters to stay with the series.

The family have earned millions from KUWTK and the various spin-off shows that documents the private lives of the Hollywood family. Life & Style magazine says that the daughters feel finished with the series and are ready to move on.

"It's not like Kim, Khloe and Kylie don't want to be on television anymore. They just don't want to do Keeping Up With the Kardashians or its spinoffs," a source is rumoured to have said.

"Kris begged them all to stay, even for one more season. But they told her that they all feel the franchise has run its course," the insider added.

Hollywood Life reports that Khloe blames the TV show for ruining her marriage to ex-husband Lamar Odom, while Kylie would much rather be hanging out with friends and boyfriend Tyga than film the series.

The source added: “she’s ready to expand her horizons. She might even go into business with Tyga.”

However, the family did sign a multi-million dollar contract deal with E! in February that ensured the show would remain in the network for four more seasons.

We wonder if the sisters did leave would the show continue without them?



The celebrations just seem to be never ending this weekend as reality TV star Kylie Jenner turns 18 years old.

However, for the famous Kardashian clan things are not all fun and games, although they could have fooled us. Friday night saw the family donning some of their finest style pieces as they headed off for family dinner at Nobu in L.A.


Happy Birthday Ky!!!!!!

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Minus brother Rob, 32, the rest of the family were all in attendance, including Kris and Caitlyn Jenner who appeared to be getting along very well as they stepped out to celebrate their youngest daughter’s birthday.

Since her transition Caitlyn has apparently been in limited contact with ex-wife Kris.


The parent trap

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Then on Saturday, Kim and Kourtney really got into the dress-up spirit when they showed up a photoshoot.

The pair donned some seriously sexy PVC dresses and black wigs to cover their famous shining locks.

While Kim’s dress seemed to be taking plunging to new levels entirely, Kourtney appeared to be going in the opposite direction as her diamante encrusted bustier brought the term ‘push-up’ to new heights.


Banger sisters

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim’s plunging neckline stopped just above her bellybutton and the Atsuko Kudo design leaves very little to the imagination.

Sister Khloé was also sporting a black strappy number with her blonde hair curled to perfection for the shoot.

Not to be outdone, the birthday girl herself also appeared on hand for the photo call. Sharing a short video clip on Snapchat, Kylie could be seen dressed in a strappy bustier styled dress. The black number emphasised the teenager’s tiny waist with a patent belt.



A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on

The 17-year old has been sporting some serious style ahead of her big birthday and we can only imagine what she’s going to wearing when she celebrates at the Beach Club in Montreal.


In case you missed it, because those Snapchat videos can go pretty quickly we understand, there’s a new name to add to the ever growing Kardashian Jenner clan list.

While the newest member of the family may be missing the family’s now trademark pout and shining dark locks, he makes up for it in ears, and paws.

Indeed, he also has quite the fluffy tail going on too.

Kylie has decided the perfect way to maximise the space in her new mega-mansion in Calabasas is to fill it with woodland creatures. In addition to her two Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi (who you can follow on Instagram, naturally). She adopted a pet rabbit. Do you know his name?


Sounds familiar, right?

Kylie hasn’t commented on why she chose the name her father, Caitlyn Jenner, once went by exactly. However, we could consider the fact that Caitlyn was once a competitor in the athletics events of the Olympics.

The thinking seems to be that seeing as rabbits hop around and athletics involves hurdles there must be some connection, according to People magazine anyway.

Kylie and Bruce has got plenty of activities to keep them occupied in the coming weeks aide from getting their nails done. As mom Kris reminded us all earlier this week in an Instagram post, there’s only a few days left before Kylie turns the big 1-8.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Her birthday party seemingly has all the makings of an incredible night to remember at Beach Club in Montreal. Which is essentially the Canadian version of Ibiza, so think A-list DJs and lots of alcohol.

We think Bruce the rabbit might be staying in California next weekend somehow…


Just when we thought the long-running social media style feud between Amber Rose and her former BFFs the Kardashians was drawing to a close, new rumours are leading people to believe the opposite.

Hollywood Life reports that Amber was spotted cosying up with Kim’s former husband Kris Humphries at the Playboy Mansion over the weekend. According to the website this has given rise to speculation that the former girlfriend of Kanye West is not on the family’s good side.

A source has said that: "Amber and Kris were not only flirting, but getting intimate with PDA." 

The continued to explain that the pair were “all over each other at the bar” during the party.

“I think one of Kris' friends said some thing to her then Kris said 'hi'. It took him a second to realize who she was. They both started smiling and talking.”

In the past Amber has sparked a war of words with the famous family, specifically Khloé. The pair shared a heated Twitter debate after she made comments about youngest sister Kylie, 17, and her boyfriend Tyga, 25.

Despite her admitting that she admires Khloé and thinks she’s a really “cool” person last week on Perez Hilton’s podcast, Kanye himself doesn’t believe she has apologised.


A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Another source has told Hollywood Life: “Kanye despises Amber and nothing she ever says will make that better. She has said things about him and his family he will never forgive.”


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

The fact that Amber posted a series of snaps of herself on Instagram wearing a white swimsuit almost identical to one Kim wore apparently sparked rumours of a fight between the pair.