Facepalm: Lauren Goodger’s front door eff-up has Twitter CRINGING


There are very few of us who manage to navigate adult life without falling foul to a few moments of total idiocy.

Whether it's confusion over tax returns, bewilderment over car insurance or total bafflement over credit union loans – we all need a little helping hand in some matters,

And for Lauren Goodger, it's her TV licence.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the reality TV star posed a question to her followers, and now people are struggling to believe she's made it this far in life.

"Man just knocked at my door for TV licence ? I paid there and then is this correct?" she asked.

And if that wasn't bad enough, poor ol' Lauren then admitted that she actually paid for something she already possessed, writing: "But I do actually have one? Does this happen normally."

Lauren's followers wasted no time telling her that this wasn't normal protocol, with one writing: "If I was u I wd ring police & to licence people & explain what's happened" (sic)

"Nooooooo lol that's not normal LG," replied her former co-star Vas Morgan.

Thankfully for Lauren, it doesn't sound like she'll be out of pocket for long as TV Licensing contacted her via Twitter asking for more further details before telling her they'd look into the matter for her.

Thank God for grown-ups.