We thought we knew as much as there to know about Kylie Jenner. The 18-year old reality TV star keeps everyone updated so frequently with her daily Snapchat stories that some days we feel like we know her better than some of our actual friends. She likes to keep us all in the loop.

As it turns out, there is one major skill that she has been keeping from us all this time. We knew she had mastered the art of the selfie a long time ago, and there's no denying she can do hair transformations like no other. However, we had no that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is quite the chef. 


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"Kylie can throw down in the kitchen, she can cook!" her bestie Justine Skye told E! News about Kylie.

The singer couldn't stop talking about Kylie's skills in the kitchen as she made an appearance at the Fashion Police New York Fashion Week kick-off party. 

The Emotionally Unavailable singer (who makes an appearance in Kylie's Snapchat stories from time to time incase you were curious), believes that the brand new adult is something of a domestic goddess. 

"She is just an amazing cook. I literally can live in her house and have her cook for me."

Cooking actually is not the only skill that Kylie's been working on according to Syke. She thinks that Kylie's hair transformations are worthy of serious praise. 

Her frequent style changes continue to impress it would seem. She noted that right now is the perfect time for Kylie to experiment with her style:

"I feel like we are young and it's necessary cause we are young and we are just having fun and we are experimenting."

She added that "You got to do it all now while you are still a teenager and young adult."

"'Cause when your older, you gotta be more conservative and like womanly so I feel like now are just having fun!"

Her kitchen skills though still take centre stage when it came to heaping praise on her friend:

"She makes the bomb fried chicken. I know everybody is gonna say something, but she actually makes the bomb fried chicken.