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You can’t deny that there is a lot of Kardashians and Jenners to keep track of these days. They are everywhere you look and there does not seem to be any slowing down.

Since Kylie’s many celebrations for her big 18 birthday, the famous family have been giving us all some serious holiday wardrobe envy as they prance around St. Barths.



A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Now there is some great news for anyone who considers the siblings to be their ultimate style icons.

The website The RealReal, have in stock items from the wardrobes of the Kardashians and Jenners. It seems like before their big family holiday they took the time clear out some closets. How nice of them.





So now you can actually own the pants Kendall wore during Paris Fashion Week. Or the spiked Louboutins Khloe wore to kick the shins of her enemies. That’s probably not what she did with them, but they do have that badass vibe going for them.

For anyone out there in need of both a taco fix and some Jenner style inspo, you can get your hands on Kylie’s Chanel clutch. Fancy, and also reminiscent of a tasty snack.

While the family might not fancy owning the pieces anymore, they are still quite the style guide, and really who wouldn’t want to own something the famous family have lived in. Imagine, you could be sweating into the same white tunic (from The Row, FYI) that Kendall did once upon a time.

Except not, because we all know that Kardashians don’t sweat, they glow. That’s how good their makeup skills are these days.


World famous luxury shoes can now be all yours. Well, sort of.

The iconic Louboutin brand have branched out from their famous heels and unveiled their latest creation for the masses.

Last year the brand launched a signature nail polish collection so it may not be considered a huge leap for the Louboutin name. However, any make up addict is sure to be all over these lovely shades, because not only does the product itself look great, the packaging is gorgeous too.

There are 36 different shades in the collection with three varying textures for you to choose from too. Ranging from Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile which were inspired by the brand’s handbags.

Naturally the collection would not be complete without their signature red shade making an appearance, Rouge Louboutin is of course one of the many they have on offer.

Another sweet feature for the lipsticks? The cap has a tiny ring on the top that you can thread something through, ideally a fancy ribbon according to the brand's images. The idea being you can then wear your favourite lipstick all day long both as an accessory and as lip colour.

Lipstick jewellery is probably something we thought we left behind in our childhood, but Louboutin does add a certain luxury to the concept. Describing the new venture Louboutin said:

"This precious object will be coveted by others. Suggesting a purse full of rare and precious stones that could have been discovered in Ali Baba's cave, it will arouse lust and desire…and is made to be stolen." 

The one downside to all of this glamour, the price tag is pretty hefty. The lipsticks are set to retail for around €80. We petty start saving our pennies now to be prepared for their arrival on Irish shelves.



Move aside, Christian Louboutin: Gianvito Rossi is about to be crowned kings of shoes.

And while catwalks are full of offspring-of-famous-folk trying to carve their own niche in the industry – it’s also been well-documented that a lot of the time their efforts fall somewhat short.

Not so with the talented Gianvito, however – the second generation of the prolific Rossi fashion dynasty who has already shown that he can very much stand on his own two feet.


Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alicia Keys


Son of shoe extraordinaire Sergio, his creations can be seen on a host of famous ankles including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole.

“I grew up among shoes. That was my playground as a child, it has always been a part of my life,” he said in one recent interview. “Right after high school, I started collaborating with my father and I learnt everything from him.”


Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, and Olivia Palermo 


Earlier this year, he opened his first London store on Mount Street (Christopher Kane and Celine are neighbours). His flagship is in Milan, but he also has outlets in Paris and Hong Kong. And rumour has it that he will shortly open another chic outlet in Manhattan's Upper East Side. 

Indeed, whisper it, fashionistas-in-the-know are now declaring that Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik have officially been overtaken by Gianvito Rossi’s wares.


Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, Rosie Hungtingon-Whiteley


So, if you’re in the market for a pair of beautiful Italian shoes – start saving up your pennies, because sadly his creations aren’t cheap (prices start from €395 for a patent-leather pump). But it you're looking to stay ahead of the fashion pack, Gianvito Rossi can certainly help.


Louis Vuitton leather products could soon be a lot less exclusive – a European court has ruled that the brand has no right to trademark its iconic chequerboard pattern.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian with their Louis Vuitton bags


A firm-favourite of celebrities, Louis Vuitton has been trying to legally protect two of its designs since 2009. But now the EU General Court has said its dark brown and beige pattern trademark, which it registered back in 1998, and a black and grey version registered in 2008 cannot be exclusively used by the 160-year old French fashion-house. The court ruled the pattern was “basic and banal” and was composed of “very simple elements”.

The Louis Vuitton boutique on the Champs-Elysees in Paris


Like all designer brands, Louis Vuitton takes its exclusivity very seriously – ruthlessly pursuing manufacturers of fake merchandise.

Burberry is still fighting a similar legal case to protect its famous Haymarket check. However, in 2012 a US court declared that no one but Christian Louboutin can use red soles on footwear.

Beyonce is a fan of Christian Louboutin's distinctive red soles


Louis Vuitton is worth more than €20bn – a figure which makes it one of the world’s most valuable brands. It is currently headed by 43-year old Nicolas Ghesquiere, who was previously creative director at Balenciaga.