In case you missed it, because those Snapchat videos can go pretty quickly we understand, there’s a new name to add to the ever growing Kardashian Jenner clan list.

While the newest member of the family may be missing the family’s now trademark pout and shining dark locks, he makes up for it in ears, and paws.

Indeed, he also has quite the fluffy tail going on too.

Kylie has decided the perfect way to maximise the space in her new mega-mansion in Calabasas is to fill it with woodland creatures. In addition to her two Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi (who you can follow on Instagram, naturally). She adopted a pet rabbit. Do you know his name?


Sounds familiar, right?

Kylie hasn’t commented on why she chose the name her father, Caitlyn Jenner, once went by exactly. However, we could consider the fact that Caitlyn was once a competitor in the athletics events of the Olympics.

The thinking seems to be that seeing as rabbits hop around and athletics involves hurdles there must be some connection, according to People magazine anyway.

Kylie and Bruce has got plenty of activities to keep them occupied in the coming weeks aide from getting their nails done. As mom Kris reminded us all earlier this week in an Instagram post, there’s only a few days left before Kylie turns the big 1-8.


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Her birthday party seemingly has all the makings of an incredible night to remember at Beach Club in Montreal. Which is essentially the Canadian version of Ibiza, so think A-list DJs and lots of alcohol.

We think Bruce the rabbit might be staying in California next weekend somehow…