Oh celebrities really are just like the rest of us! Admit it, you have often contemplated jetting off to Paris at the last minute when your foodie cravings get the best of you.

Why not, really?

At eight months pregnant, Kim Kardashian-West has had some serious food cravings.

However, unlike most pregnant women, Kim satisifed her sweet tooth by flying all the way to Paris for cheesecake at the Hôtel Costes.

She travelled 5,642 miles from LA to Paris for one slice of cheesecake. This is fact.

The confession came out during a recent Vogue podcast. In the interview, Kim said she made the trip in a bid to say farewell to her favourite tasty foods – as one does. 

“[The trip was a] last hurrah of all the food that I’m not going to be able to have for a while," she explained.

The idea being that, after she gives birth to her second child, she won’t be eating any cheesecake… ever. Considering her siblings' fascination with hoarding Oreos in glass jars, we wish her well.

However, despite her last-minute flight, disaster struck as their was no cheesecake left in the restaurant:

Kim said she told staff: ‘”You don’t understand, I leave tomorrow and I flew all the way over here for one night, maybe two nights”. And they said “OK, we’re going to get it.” And they got it and it really made my day." 

This is not just any cheesecake, of course. According to Time Out, the hotel is the place to for celebrity sightings and naturally their prices reflect this:

“All produce is rigorously selected and each dish is carefully executed; but excellent quality comes at a price. You won't pay less than €100 euros and may be treated to some haughty table service. “ 

If you thought maybe dessert was a little pricey then be warned – the humble club sandwich will set you back €28.

Kim K does luxury like no other.