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TOWIE’s Kate Wright might be dealing with some personal drama right now as reports continue to circulate that she’s rowing with her ex Dan Edgar, but that hasn’t stopped the star from putting in the effort when it comes to her summer style.

The reality TV personality was recently snapped wearing a fresh navy and orange combination that’s not only cute and colourful, but is also very much affordable as her whole outfit can be bought for just €42 on the popular clothing website Pretty Little Thing.

Kate’s bright orange cut-out top – which is a very similar colour to the PLT dress Kylie Jenner was recently spotted in – is currently on sale for just €14, having previously been €21.

While her wide-legged navy side-split trousers are also available on PLT for €28.

These high waisted pants also come in mink, black, nude, mauve, cream and stone colours so if you don’t fancy copying Kate’s look directly, you could always go for a similar style using different complimentary shades.

For €42 you're guaranteed to have plenty of options.


Rumours were rife this week that a certain cast member was going to be leaving the popular reality show The Only Way is Essex and it was Ferne McCann herself who has laid the rumours to rest. 

"Many of you have been wondering if I'll be returning back to Essex after my adventure down under…" said the pretty star in a series of posts on her Twitter. 

"I've been super busy since returning from Australia which means you won't be seeing as much of this (points to face) on The Only Way Is Essex.

"To be honest with you, you might enjoy the break.

"However, if any of my friends ever need me or need my advice I'll make sure I'm back to Essex to help them."

Following a successful stint on I'm a Celebrity at the end of last year, Ferne is reportedly looking to purse a career as a television presenter. 


A mere matter of months since his highly publicised breakup with Lillie Lexie Gregg and only weeks following his brief rekindling of romance with Charlotte Crosby, it seems Gary Beadle is wasting no time getting back in the dating game. 

The Geordie Shore favourite was spotted out on a date with model and familiar face, Emma McVey. 

You may recognise Emma as the ex of Mario Falcone, former cast member of The Only Way is Essex. 

Gary and Emma were snapped out getting food in Leeds over the weekend sparking rumours that there was a romance blossoming between the two. 

Emma dated Mario from November of 2014 up until the summer when the TOWIE star tweeted a series of cryptic tweets one reading: "Never trust anyone… Sometimes even those closest to you are the worst."

He then went on the delete any photos of him and the stunning brunette from his Instagram before confirming to the press in October that the pair had gone their separate ways.

We're guessing that one didn't end well then. 

Meanwhile Charlotte cleared up any romance rumours between the cast members in a recent YouTube video where she describes her recent romp with Gary was just a "holiday fling" while the pair were both in London. 

They're no Char and Gaz, but what do you make of Gary's potential new lady? 



We were all a little worried for Sam Faiers when it was revealed that her ex Joey Essey had met a new lady while on holidays in Dubai.

However we needn't have panicked as it turns out Sam has had a secret boyfriend on the go… since November!

A source close to the blonde beauty opened up about her new man, businessman Paul Day, saying Sam was "head-over-heels in love."

The TOWIE star reportedly chose to keep the relationship out of the media because Paul is a bit of a wallflower. "The only reason Sam has been keeping it under wraps for the past three months is because she is worried about how Paul will cope with being flung into the spotlight," said the insider.

Sam apparently loves that her new man is "more mature" than Joey – and by the sounds of it he's definitely not a party boy. "He’s shy, not a big drinker and is not on any social media. He is not after her fame. He is just a genuine, down-to-earth guy," said the source.

The couple met at Sheesh Chigwell, a favourite dine-out spot for TOWIE stars, last year and hit it off from there, with Paul whisking Sam away on a break to Dubai last month. Even Sam's family are smitten with her new man – her stepdad David Chatwood has apparently begun referring to Paul as his "'future son-in-law."

As for Joey, he reportedly fell for Dubai native Reem Mesha while on holidays there, with the new match made all the more fateful by the fact that "Reem" is Joey's favourite catchphrase to describe anything he thinks is cool.

We're glad to see the couple are both moving on!