TOWIE star reveals she’s been in a mystery relationship for months!


We were all a little worried for Sam Faiers when it was revealed that her ex Joey Essey had met a new lady while on holidays in Dubai.

However we needn't have panicked as it turns out Sam has had a secret boyfriend on the go… since November!

A source close to the blonde beauty opened up about her new man, businessman Paul Day, saying Sam was "head-over-heels in love."

The TOWIE star reportedly chose to keep the relationship out of the media because Paul is a bit of a wallflower. "The only reason Sam has been keeping it under wraps for the past three months is because she is worried about how Paul will cope with being flung into the spotlight," said the insider.

Sam apparently loves that her new man is "more mature" than Joey – and by the sounds of it he's definitely not a party boy. "He’s shy, not a big drinker and is not on any social media. He is not after her fame. He is just a genuine, down-to-earth guy," said the source.

The couple met at Sheesh Chigwell, a favourite dine-out spot for TOWIE stars, last year and hit it off from there, with Paul whisking Sam away on a break to Dubai last month. Even Sam's family are smitten with her new man – her stepdad David Chatwood has apparently begun referring to Paul as his "'future son-in-law."

As for Joey, he reportedly fell for Dubai native Reem Mesha while on holidays there, with the new match made all the more fateful by the fact that "Reem" is Joey's favourite catchphrase to describe anything he thinks is cool.

We're glad to see the couple are both moving on!