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Thought you knew how to throw shade? Well think again, this baby has just seriously put all of our shade-throwing to shame in this video where he keeps a constant resting bitch face for over a minute. That's impressive. 

This baby's resting bitch face has been viewed over one million times on YouTube in a matter of days and people have begun to envy his shade throwing skills. 

The parents in the video are trying their best to cheer the baby up and get him to crack a smile, but he doesn't seem at all impressed with their attempts. 

At one point in the video they even try to squeeze his cheeks into a smile, but still no joy as this baby is seriously concentrating on keeping his angry glare.

We think this baby is just having a tough day and want's to be left alone you guys. 




If you ever needed a video to cheer up any day that is not a Friday, this is it.

Poor Max is finding it very difficult to get the hang of kayaking and while his friend Sarah tries to offer advice, she is mostly helping out humanity by recording the whole hilarious event.

We are so grateful. 

Sarah wrote in her YouTube description that Max was in no danger and she wouldn't have recorded if he was, so you can laugh guilt-free!



This little cat (who is amazingly cute FYI) has got the funniest reaction when he catches a glimpse of his reflection in the mirror.

His eyes widen and he looks in horror as he comes to the realisation that he looks nothing like the small, hairless creature crawling in front of him.



Cats are very curious creatures, they love to investigate anything and everything. 

Unfortunately for them, they also spook easily!

Needless to say, this cat got exactly what is to be expected when he went messing with a balloon. 


This will bring you back to the Leaving Cert days.

“If I am travelling 80 miles away at 80mph, how long will it take to reach my destination?”

Let’s just say, the mum wins this one. And we’re not arguing with that!




Oh, this will make you laugh!

Geraldine McAleese from Cork shows us what every Irish girl think when texting. 

One x, he'll think you love him, three x's and you're a 15-year-old girl, it's just so hard!

Happy Friday everyone, enjoy! 


Watch what happens when this man tries to turn his chair into a ride using two fire extinguishers. 



Oh, this certainly made us LOL!

This guy got a new phone and decided to do the obvious – take a selfie!

Little did he know his family wanted in on the action too and hilarity ensued.

The images surfaced on Reddit when the guy’s brother, user pick_em_up_truck, uploaded an image of  himself, another brother and their dad all copying the exact same pose. Photo frame and all!

Meanwhile, the ladies of the family weren’t going to sit back and got in on the action too!

Sister, Reddit user youdontknowmyname uploaded an image of the entire family, writing: “My youngest brother got a new phone and took a selfie. Us girls wanted in on the fun.”

Ah siblings…aren’t they just the worst?!



photos: Imgur


Whether you’re a fan of ice hockey or not, this hilarious commentary by British comedian Anthony Richardson will certainly make you laugh.



The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ folk have done it again.

This time The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been given the dubbing treatment.

Following in the footsteps of their re-dubbing of previous Twilight movies, this take on the third in the series has Kristen Stewart talking about “zoo hands” and Robert Pattinson showing off his tambourine skills.

The movie may have come out a few years back, but this retake is brand new and pretty hilarious!



There is nothing funnier than a child’s crazy imagination, and the dads of the clever kids who wrote this hilarious script were eager to lend a hand bringing it to life.



We’ve all got carried away when ordering take-out food with a friend or flatmate.

You’ve asked for a bit of this, a bit of that and when you start to unload the bag, it seems your eyes were bigger than your belly.

In this hilarious sketch, comedy group Dollar Pizza poke fun at the greedy take-out fan in all of us.