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We all thought Kim Kardashian was the worst for the embarrassing selfie marathons, like this one for example:

Or, this one:

This one…

We could be here all day but the important thing is that Kim K is the undisputed selfie queen. 

But it looks like she may have some selfie competition in the form of a singing diva – Jennifer Lopez!

The American Idol judge was caught taking a not-so-sneaky selfie on the set of the show by Henry Connick Jr. who decided to capture the moment in a selfie of his own.

So much selfie right now!

JLo’s fellow judge on the show captioned the image: “Stalkie selfie tweetagram! Beautiful @jlo in action on set of @americanidol nola auditions.”

Jennifer was obviously happy enough with the selfie she took as she later shared it with her own Instagram followers, writing: “On the set of American Idol… Great talent in New Orleans #idolseason14.”

Still, things could have been worse, she could have been caught out like this girl was by her dad during an EPIC selfie session!

We wonder if she has forgiven him yet? We doubt it…


This will bring you back to the Leaving Cert days.

“If I am travelling 80 miles away at 80mph, how long will it take to reach my destination?”

Let’s just say, the mum wins this one. And we’re not arguing with that!




Oh, this certainly made us LOL!

This guy got a new phone and decided to do the obvious – take a selfie!

Little did he know his family wanted in on the action too and hilarity ensued.

The images surfaced on Reddit when the guy’s brother, user pick_em_up_truck, uploaded an image of  himself, another brother and their dad all copying the exact same pose. Photo frame and all!

Meanwhile, the ladies of the family weren’t going to sit back and got in on the action too!

Sister, Reddit user youdontknowmyname uploaded an image of the entire family, writing: “My youngest brother got a new phone and took a selfie. Us girls wanted in on the fun.”

Ah siblings…aren’t they just the worst?!



photos: Imgur



Wow is just about all we can say right now!

Coláiste Lurgan have done another epic cover, this time it’s Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars (as Gaeilge, of course!).

With a little help from Seo Linn‘s Keith O Briain, this crowd totally rocked it and it’s just unbelievable!



Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz wanted something a little different for their ‘save the date’ announcement.

So they made this incredibly flashy, no-expense-spared video featuring bling, champagne and lots of glitter. Oh, and a helicopter too.

The couple are lawyers from San Francisco and promise their guests a “Boss Wedding”.

We think Kim could get jealous when she sees this…