So, THIS is why we get hangover shakes after a few too many

There is nothing worse than nursing a killer hangover, and while the headache and dry mouth are bad enough, the hangover shakes are torture.

Shakiness is one of the ultimate giveaways that you've been hitting the G&Ts the night before, and truly gives life to the phrase: "I'm shook."

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While we know we can put our banging headache down to dehydration and our sore muscles down to thinking we can twerk after a few beverages, we've often wondered: What actually causes shakiness during a hangover?

"The tremors and the sweats come from an overactive sympathetic nervous system; they’re withdrawal symptoms," Dr Alastair O'Brien from The London Clinic told Cosmo. 

This is why the hair of the dog works so well, because you are essentially giving the body what it is craving.

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"The hair of the dog will temporarily make you feel a bit better because some of the symptoms you are experiencing are a direct withdrawal effect," explained the doctor.

"After the first drink you feel like Superwoman; you feel brilliant, your sweats and shakes go away." 

"After the second drink you’re back down where you were before. Your body is feeling bad for a reason, so listen to it!"

Your body is essentially "coming down" from all of the alcohol that you pumped into it the night before. 

So, pints of water all around?