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It’s an age-old debate – who are the better drivers, women or men? Here at SHEmazing! we have found that No Nonesense have discovered the answer, with the help of the SmartDriver device.

nononsenseSmartDriver is a small self-installed device that measures how and when you drive and is available to customers under 30. SmartDriver is a service offered to customers who wish to avail of it, on a voluntary basis.

For 90 days, this device will help No Nonsense build a picture of your driving behaviour. After this period, if you qualify, you will receive cash back on your premium. No Nonsense will continue to measure your driving for a further 90 days (6 months in total) to calculate your renewal premium.

No Nonsense will not focus on minor or isolated incidences of driving – the idea is to assess your driving behaviour and calculate a driver score.

If you are under 30 you can sign up to SmartDriver and receive 10% off straight away. Simply plug in a device and drive. The better you drive the more you score. Score over 55 to get some more cash back. Score over 70 to get an additional 20% cash back. That’s a total saving of 30%. Sound good to us!

To celebrate the fact that women are better drivers than Men, with thanks to No Nonsense we are giving you the chance to win a €100 Dundrum voucher.

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Congratulations to Ciara Reynolds who has won a €100 voucher for Dundrum Shopping Centre – well done Ciara, we have sent you an email. Thank you to everyone who entered Sx