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Motorists are being warned to be vigilant when looking for car insurance, as hundreds have recently fallen victim to an insurance scam.

The scam, which involves selling fake policies, means drivers are travelling uninsured, even though they think they are fully covered.

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The Irish Independent reports that the fraudsters, known as ghost brokers, prey on young drivers and immigrants who are struggling to find a good deal and are not familiar with the insurance market.

It has also been reported that the scam artists pose as legitimate middle men.

In the hoax, the so-called middle men take out real insurance policies, but put down false information before sending them onto drivers.

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Liberty Insurance was the first to realise the ongoing scam, and has called urgent action to tackle the problem.

98fm reports that hundreds of cases have been reported to the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau.




It’s an age-old debate – who are the better drivers, women or men? Here at SHEmazing! we have found that No Nonesense have discovered the answer, with the help of the SmartDriver device.

nononsenseSmartDriver is a small self-installed device that measures how and when you drive and is available to customers under 30. SmartDriver is a service offered to customers who wish to avail of it, on a voluntary basis.

For 90 days, this device will help No Nonsense build a picture of your driving behaviour. After this period, if you qualify, you will receive cash back on your premium. No Nonsense will continue to measure your driving for a further 90 days (6 months in total) to calculate your renewal premium.

No Nonsense will not focus on minor or isolated incidences of driving – the idea is to assess your driving behaviour and calculate a driver score.

If you are under 30 you can sign up to SmartDriver and receive 10% off straight away. Simply plug in a device and drive. The better you drive the more you score. Score over 55 to get some more cash back. Score over 70 to get an additional 20% cash back. That’s a total saving of 30%. Sound good to us!

To celebrate the fact that women are better drivers than Men, with thanks to No Nonsense we are giving you the chance to win a €100 Dundrum voucher.

To enter follow the steps below.


This competition is now closed.


Congratulations to Ciara Reynolds who has won a €100 voucher for Dundrum Shopping Centre – well done Ciara, we have sent you an email. Thank you to everyone who entered Sx