How RUDE! Justin Bieber caught telling his own fans that they ‘suck’

Earlier this week, Justin Bieber was attacked in a Munich nightclub for accidentally bumping off a random stranger.

And it seems the incident has left the singer in foul form, as today a video emerged of him seemingly telling his own fans that they “suck”.

The new clip – which was filmed in Norway as the star passed through with his Purpose World Tour – shows the 22-year-old Canadian and his crew walking past a group of excited fans, but as his followers try to get his attention, the performer – who otherwise ignored the group – can be heard saying “You guys suck”.

As reported by The Irish Mirror, those recording the footage can be heard letting out a disappointed sigh as Justin strolls away.

While it is not totally clear as to whether or not JB meant to direct the insult at the group, we hope he says Sorry to those poor fans.