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You know those evenings where all you want to do is jump into your PJs, throw on the TV series you're bingeing on and just order in pizza?

Simply put, the urge to interact with your fave TV characters trumps the urge to talk to your personal trainer at the gym.

Yep, it happens to a lot of us – but it turns out that doing this doesn't make us lazy; it just means were smart.

Well, kinda.

The Journal of Health Psychology found some interesting correlations between people who use their brains a lot, and their exercise habits.

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Those who use their brains a lot in work, or love a good cognitive activity, are more likely to spend their off-time lounging around the house than going on a 5km run.

The study measured the candidate's "tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive endeavours," and found that we don't want to exercise because our brains sometimes need a bit of time off.

So long story short; if you just want to stay in bed all day, you're not actually being 'lazy', you're just resting your body so your brain can work harder.

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Now, obviously you can't take the p*ss with this new description of 'lazy', so here are a few ways how to motivate yourself to exercise: 

1. Be competitive

Even if being competitive isn't your thang, it's a great motivator for exercise.

Whether you compete against your BFF, your brother or some unknown person at the gym; trying to keep up with another person will set you on the right track.

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2. Plan it out

Yes, we know the struggle is real when you get home from work and just want to flop onto the sofa.

But work out a tactical plan – this could be going to a gym right beside your office straight after work or doing a lunchtime workout session.

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3. Make it social

If you hate just being on your own and having to contend with yourself while running on a treadmill for 40 minutes, then try find a group to exercise with.

The social interaction will make your workout go by much faster and having a common goal with your group will help you keep on top of your regime.

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We get that working a full-time job can leave you feeling exhausted for the majority of the week.

You have the best intentions to go to the gym after work, but the minute the clock hits 5pm, all you want to do is go home and take a pre-dinner nap, amirite?

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So, if working a 40 hour week comes in between exercising, here are a few simple steps to add a workout into your daily routine:

Commute to work? Turn it into an exercise session

It's totally possible to turn your morning commute into a small workout.

If you live near your work place, cycling or jogging into the office is a great way to start off your day with cardio and elevate your heart rate.

Oh, and you're not off the hook even if you have a fairly hefty commute! Either park your car a few minutes away so you can walk to the office at a brisk pace, or get off your bus/Luas one or two stops early, so you can exercise the rest of the way in.

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Don't let your lunch time go to waste

If we're able to fit in a gym session throughout the week, it's usually before or after work. And probably the reason most of us give up on those gym sessions is because you're knackered in the morning and exhausted in the evening.

But, if you work close to a gym, try fit in a few lunch time session during the week. Many gyms have 30 or 45 minute classes, so if you have a gym that's around five minutes away from you, this could work out perfectly.

What about eating, you ask? Pack a protein-filled smoothie to have on the go, or eating at your desk before or after is always an option.

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Ever heard of 'walk meetings'?

Yep, instead of sitting in a board room, a studio, or even a coffee shop, try your hand at asking people to go on a 'walk meeting' with you.

If you work in an office, your colleagues will probably look at as if you had ten heads, but coming into the summer months it's definitely an option.

And if you're a freelancer or don't work in an office setting, we're sure your peers would be up for it too.



Believe it or not, there's some moves you can do at your desk that are totally underrated.

For example, if you want to tone your glutes and give you derriere a little lift, you can try this isometric glutes exercise.

While you sitting at your desk, squeeze your bum and hold for 5-10 seconds, and release. Do this until the glutes tire and it'll give you a lift in more ways than one.

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Keep it simple and drink ALL the water

We know it can be hard to fit in a workout when you have a million meetings, deadlines and odd jobs to do, but keeping it simple is key.

Choose the stairs instead of the lift/escalator, walk around the office for 5 minutes or go down to the loo so you can stretch yourself out a bit.

And even if you can't fit anything in, remember to drink heaps of water as it flushes out toxins and aids in weight loss too.

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OK so we are half way through January, and at this stage all of that "new year, new me" stuff has been thrown out the window. 

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HOWEVER, if we could combine exercise with alcohol, we would consider getting back on the band waggon…

BeerYoga is a new trend that is taking over the city of Berlin at the moment, and we can see why! 

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According to the website, BeerYoga is "the marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul."

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Apparently, this new form of yoga was discovered at the Burning Man festival, and has now become extremely popular (all thanks to good marketing folks!)

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BeerYoga has not made it's way to the Emerald Isle as of yet, but we are calling on all the yoga instructors in Ireland: MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

We'll be there, cans in hand. 


We're only four days into the New Year, and we're already feeling like a big, old bunch of failures.

The brisk New Year's Day walk turned into the twitchy New Year's Day slump, the overhaul of the fridge turned into the final binge on Christmas goodies, and the shopping trip for gym wear became the random splurge on cheapo pyjamas (because they're all that actually fit us right now.)

If you're determined to get fit this year, but genuinely can't see yourself sticking to a regimented gym schedule, then you may benefit from certain tips and tricks which will help you exercise without, you know, totally committing…

1. Take the stairs

Yes, it's an age-old recommendation, but it's stuck around for a reason.

If you find yourself taking a lift at least once or twice a day, then there's no reason why you shouldn't use the stairs on those occasions.

Opting for the stairs over a lift or escalator will become second-nature after a couple of weeks.

2. Get off one stop early

If you had plans to hit the gym after work, but can't see yourself taking the plunge, why not get off your train, bus or Luas a stop or two early and make up the distance?

The worst thing about ditching the gym is how guilty you feel afterwards, so assuage that ASAP by going the extra distance on your commute home.

If it's raining, you do have our permission to ditch that idea, however.

3. Schedule your squats

Squatting is one of the best exercises you can do for trimming down and toning up, and the best part is you can do them anywhere at any time (within reason obvs.)

So, why not coincide a squat session in the comfort of your own home while getting your Netflix binge on?

No one is expecting you to squat through an entire episode of Narcos, but nothing's stopping you from getting low for as long as you can once the episode starts, and attempting to beat your record next time.

4. Team up with a mate

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, "Let's gossip to increase our heart rates."

Meeting a friend for a 60-minute walk where you can catch up and put the world to rights is the simplest way to exercise without even realising it.

Time flies when you're bitching about that one from the Christmas party.

5. Arm yourself with an app

If there's anything that helps pick up our day, it's a really good app.

And thankfully for the gym-phobic among us, there are oodles out there which will help you to exercise without feeling like you're sacrificing your down-time.

Zombies, Run! Fitnet, and Yoga Wake Up are just three of our favourites.



There are extreme fitness challenges, and then there are the Gaelforce events: hard-core races which involve the likes of cycling, hiking, running, and kayaking over dozens of kilometres. 

In short, we describe them as: NOT for the faint-hearted (or anyone who isn't outrageously fit).

Up until this point the brand encompassed of: Gaelforce West, Connemara Adventure Challenge,Turf Warrior Challenge, Gaelforce North, the Bray Cliff Run, and the Great Fjord Swim.

And now – Gaelforce is FINALLY coming to Dublin. Yes, on February 18 more than 1,000 brave souls will kayak, cycle and run their way through a challenging course in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains.

There are two distances to choose from: 29km or else 49km (assuming you're feeling a bit mad). 

Competitors will cycle to Bohernabreena Reservoir from Tallaght Stadium, where they will then face a kayak on the reservoir. From there they will run over various terrain, up Kippure Mountainwith its panoramic views of Dublin and Wicklow, before returning to the finish line at Tallaght Stadium.

You can find out more here or on the Facebook page here.



Finding the motivation to exercise is hard enough, but finding the motivation to exercise in December is another thing entirely.

It's pitch dark when you get up, pitch dark when you leave the office, and you have a bed that can't do enough for you, so it's no surprise most of us see our exercise routine fall by the wayside once winter sets in.

But if you've been busy beating yourself up over your desire to spend an extra hour under the covers instead of slogging it out on the treadmill, stop right now because the experts have your back on this one.

According to a study from Chicago's Northwestern University. our muscles work more efficiently when our body is properly awake which means early-morning workouts aren't all they're cracked up to be.

"Oxygen and the internal clock are doing a dance together inside muscle cells to produce energy, and the time of day determines how well that dance is synchronised," wrote lead author Dr Joseph Bass.

"The capacity for a cell to perform its most important functions, to contract, will vary according to the time of day. In the future, we may discover new ways to manipulate the oxygen response of the cell by resetting the clock."

"We’re not saying we can tell athletes when they should work out but in the future, perhaps, you may be able to take advantage of these insights to optimise muscle function."

So, if you've been trying and failing to hit up the 6am spin class for the last month, don't worry because it sounds like the lie-in would do you better.



With Halloween quickly approaching, people everywhere are already foaming at the mouth at the thought of all the sweets they’ll be indulging in on October 31st.

However, with eyes much bigger than our bellies, we're sure to be binging on Halloween choccies for weeks!

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Now, while we’re all for allowing yourself a treat now and then, moderation is key because all that junk can take a long time to work off.

We’ve broken down how many jumping jacks you’d have to do to burn off all those added calories in hopes of making Halloween as sin-free as possible.

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And these numbers are just for the fun-size sweeties… you've been warned!

Fun-Size Halloween Treats

No. of jumping jacks

 Jelly Belly Jellybeans 234
 Kit Kat 467
 M&M's (plain) 487
 Milky Way 534
 Skittles 534
 Snickers 534
 Twix 534
 Dairy Milk 534
 Crunchie 540
 M&M's (peanut) 600
 Maltesers 654
 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 734
 Rolo 1,067


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We hate to be the bearer of bad news but you'll thank us in November!


There’s no denying that cycling has many benefits: it gets you up off the couch, allows you to cheat traffic and is a form of work out and transportation all in one.

But unfortunately – as with everything – it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

According to one 2012 study, cycling can negatively effect a woman’s sex life because all that time in the saddle can actually desensitise the vagina.

While comparing a group of female runners to a group of female cyclists, a team of Texan scientists found that when women regularly rode 10 or more miles per week (that’s around 16km) their “vaginal and labial genital sensation” was reduced.

According to Cosmopolitan, bikes on which the handlebars were set at a lower level than the seat were found to cause the most damage and this unfortunate news applies to both real bicycles and the ones you use in the gym.

So the next time you find yourself eyeing an exercise bike, maybe consider the cross trainer instead!

Feat image: Seek Sherpa

GIFs: giphy.com


As far as we knew, munching on some fruit was the healthy option, but now some experts have come up to say that we're all wrong, and eating too much fruit is actually bad for you.

According to personal trainer Callum Melly, eating too much fruit or eating it at the wrong time can lead to gaining fat.

Apparently, we all need to understand how carbs are broken down in our bodies so then we can decide what times are wrong and right to each fruit.

While speaking to the Mail Online, Callum explains that when you consume carbohydrates, they are stored in two forms – either muscle glycogen or liver glycogen.

"The thing people forget or just don't understand when it comes to food in general, let alone fruit, is that food is fuel and we should only eat what is required to fuel our daily energy requirements, especially when it comes to carbohydrate intake."

And one of the biggest mistakes, Callum says, is when people eat fruit after a workout.

"Fruit will only replenish liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen.

"Glycogen is our muscle's fuel source and will be used during exercise and therefore needs to be replenished afterwards with starchy carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes."

And as for when we all should eat fruit?

"We want to ensure that when we eat fruit we will maximise the energy we receive from it, but more importantly ensure that the fructose is used by the body as an energy source and doesn't get converted and stored as body fat," Callum explains.

"Therefore, the best time to eat fruit is first thing in the morning and 15 minutes before a workout as your body will use this readily available energy to fuel morning activity and then your exercise."

So, there you go ladies, be careful with your fruit.


ITV and all of its seven channels are being switched off for an hour.

The broadcaster's aim is to encourage people to go outside and exercise instead of watching TV.

So, now when you switch on ITV on Saturday August 27 at 9.30am, you'll be met with a blank screen and the message, "We've gone running – why don't you join us?"

The channel has also teamed up with thousands of sports clubs across the UK who will welcome anyone into their clubs during the hour to try out a new sports or play on the pitches.

The channels which are planned to be taken off air are ITV/UTV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, ITV Encore and CITV.

What do you think? Would you hop on board if RTÉ did something similar?


She has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, and we LOVE how she promotes the curves as one of the most beautiful parts of the human body.

And while she's preparing to go on her world tour, Queen Bey is embarking on a major fitness regime to get her ready to sprint around on stage.

The singer has enlisted the help of top personal trainer, Marco Borges, to get her ready and he absolutely swears by this routine and promises if you perform it three times a week for six weeks, you'll feel as fab as the Queen does.

Speaking to Glamour, the trainer first says you should up your energy levels by boxing and swinging weighted ropes.

"You run out of gas fast; by pushing through that fatigue, you develop a ton of endurance," he says.

Marco also explains that running fast is great for building up Bey's energy so she can leap around on stage.

"Sprints are ideal for building stamina and explosiveness, which B needs to move across the stage. Marco recommends alternating between one-minute sprints and then two minutes of brisk walking for a half an hour.

For building strength, he says it's all about the kettlebell squat and press.

"It's an exercise that hits all the major muscles. If you did nothing else, you'd still get a great workout.

And to finish off the regime, the exercise expert urges you to stretch it all out.

"I stretch B at the end of every workout." It majorly improves your flexibility and will make you feel less ~achey~ the day after you exercise.

Check out here for more of Queen Bey's tips.


When someone says they "love" to exercise, it’s 100% natural to think they are either lying through their teeth or just a bit, well, weird. But the great thing about working out is, the more you do it and the fitter you get, the more enjoyable it becomes.

While it might take time to make a habit out of exercise, it’s worth it in the end. Not only does it become so much easier to motivate yourself to get off that couch, but you’ll really start seeing the long-term benefits, too.

Here are a few tips to get you on the road to being a proud convert!

1. Be prepared
Do yourself a favour and plan ahead – lay out your exercise gear the night before, plan your running route or know what you’ll do at the gym, and decide on your meals. If your workout is generally in the morning, allow yourself an extra 15-20 minutes to comfortably fit everything in.


2. Don’t give up just yet
They say three weeks is what it takes to make a habit out of something, but everyone is different. Setting a fitness goal such as a 10k race or a personal best is a great way to stay on track.


3. Try different things
So that Zumba class was going well, until you kicked the girl beside you in the face. Everyone has their fitness niche, and you may need to try a few different things before you discover what fits. Maybe team sports motivate you, or perhaps you prefer jogging because it give you time to clear your head.


4. Don’t skip more than two days in a row
Ever notice that you’re super-motivated for the first few days of a new exercise routine, until life suddenly gets in the way? Make an exercise plan that is easy to stick to – if you’re often busy in the evenings then slot your workout in each morning or vice versa. Skipping one or two days is fine – everyone needs a rest – but try not to let it go any more than that.


5. Pace yourself
A surefire way to ruin your exercise plan is to tire yourself out or injure yourself at the first hurdle. Know your limits, especially if you’re new to exercise or haven’t had a fitness routine in a while. Map out a realistic routine with someone who knows their stuff, like a trainer or gym instructor.