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Every January we tell ourselves that this is the year we're going to finally get fit, and every January we fail miserably.

Why, we hear you ask? 

Well, if you're anything like us, you'll know that all those good intentions tend to vanish into thin air when you remember just how lazy you actually are. 

Whether you're moaning about the weather or can't find your favourite gym shoes, you'll always find a way to back out of a workout – until now. 

It's time to stop the excuses and let these simple fitness hacks get you back on track. 

1. Get ready the night before  

Admit it – how many times have you spent the morning pulling apart your bedroom in search of your left gym shoe, only to convince yourself that the spin class you booked into wasn't that important anyway. 

Preparation is key when it comes fitness, and packing your gym bag the night before is one of the easiest ways to stay on track. 

You'll save yourself a whole lot of stress, and hey, you'll even get a few extra minutes in bed. 

2. Keep it short 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the perfect workout for anyone lacking in time or motivation – or both for that matter. 

These short yet effective workouts combine short bursts of exercise with less intense recovery periods and are generally completed in 20 minutes or less. 

Sign us up! 

3. Exercise at home 

Can't face the thoughts of a packed gym? The answer is simple, just don't go. 

Find some empty floor space, lay down a yoga mat or towel, and voila – welcome to your own personal temple of fitness. 

The internet is full of easy-to-follow fitness videos that require little to no equipment, meaning you can stay in shape from the comfort of your own living room. 

4. Reverse count your reps 

A simple technique that works by tricking your mind into thinking the workout is more of a reward rather than a task. 

Think about it. Counting backwards can make the milestones seem smaller and more achievable, which it turn will make your body work faster and more efficiently. 

It's win-win! 

5. Don't time yourself 

It's important to go easy on yourself when embarking on a new fitness journey. 

Don't tell yourself you're going to workout for an hour and a half if deep down you know you'll be a sweaty, red-faced, mess after 45. 

Pace yourself and build week on week.  

6. Work out during ad breaks 

Television ad breaks provide the perfect opportunity to fit in quick workouts. 

Planks, yoga poses, squats, lunges, pushups or even running on the spot are all great ways to pass the time between your favourite shows. 

It's the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals without ever having to sacrifice too much of your down time. 

7. Stay in bed longer 

Yep. You read that right. 

In order to get the most from your workouts, your body needs to be well rested so it can perform to the best of its ability. 

Make sure to get the recommended seven to eight hours per night (even if you have to hit the snooze button a few extra times). 



We can all be a little lazy from time to time, whether that's not getting up when the microwave pings or just giving up on a trip to town entirely because the bus didn't come. 

Twitter user Jake Visser took to the social media site to ask his followers about their laziest moments, and the insight is a bit too relatable. 

From the mundane to the innovative, here are 10 of our favourite lazy moments that hit a bit too close to home: 


You know those evenings where all you want to do is jump into your PJs, throw on the TV series you're bingeing on and just order in pizza?

Simply put, the urge to interact with your fave TV characters trumps the urge to talk to your personal trainer at the gym.

Yep, it happens to a lot of us – but it turns out that doing this doesn't make us lazy; it just means were smart.

Well, kinda.

The Journal of Health Psychology found some interesting correlations between people who use their brains a lot, and their exercise habits.

Image result for im too tired gif

Those who use their brains a lot in work, or love a good cognitive activity, are more likely to spend their off-time lounging around the house than going on a 5km run.

The study measured the candidate's "tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful cognitive endeavours," and found that we don't want to exercise because our brains sometimes need a bit of time off.

So long story short; if you just want to stay in bed all day, you're not actually being 'lazy', you're just resting your body so your brain can work harder.

Image result for lazy gif

Now, obviously you can't take the p*ss with this new description of 'lazy', so here are a few ways how to motivate yourself to exercise: 

1. Be competitive

Even if being competitive isn't your thang, it's a great motivator for exercise.

Whether you compete against your BFF, your brother or some unknown person at the gym; trying to keep up with another person will set you on the right track.

Kettle Bell Beside Adidas Pair of Shoes


2. Plan it out

Yes, we know the struggle is real when you get home from work and just want to flop onto the sofa.

But work out a tactical plan – this could be going to a gym right beside your office straight after work or doing a lunchtime workout session.

Woman in White Jacket Holding Silver Iphone


3. Make it social

If you hate just being on your own and having to contend with yourself while running on a treadmill for 40 minutes, then try find a group to exercise with.

The social interaction will make your workout go by much faster and having a common goal with your group will help you keep on top of your regime.

Image result for friends working out gif

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Look – we do genuinely mean to have a shower every morning. And we absolutely know that we should exfoliate AND moisturise before applying a layer of fake tan.

Yup – our nails could be more manicured; feet less rough. No, a messy slept-in bun is rarely as striking as tumbling GHD curls.

But then we weigh up the prospect of an extra 30minutes in bed, or more time spent on the couch watching Strictly before we head out… and suddenly we’re willing and oh-so able to embrace our inner Lazy Girl.

Do we looked as preened and proper as a Kardashian-Jenner at the Met Ball? Well, no… but hey, we don’t look half bad either.

So here, in honour of those extra 30minutes in bed, SHEmazing! rounds up our top 10 Lazy Girl beauty habits that our fellow Lazy Girls will know ALL about. 


1) Dry shampoo is god: in fact, we reckon we're pretty much keeping Batiste afloat at this stage


2) A 'fancy' up-do or messy plait is merely a cunning ruse to get through another day without washing your hair


3) And when we do wash your hair… we never have time to actually dry it properly. Pony-tail or bun still wet at 6pm? Yup, that's us


4) To our total shame, we've found stray hairpins buried somewhere in our tresses DAYS after we've applied them


5) Thankfully, big brows are in – because we haven't shaped, plucked or HD'd them in MONTHS. Au natural ftw


6) Cleanse, tone and moisturise? Lolz; we're ALL about the facial wipes. For a really thorough clean, we'll even occasionally use two


7) Allegedly, lipstick requires a specialist brush for expert application – that AND you need liner too? Oh, we genuinely didn't know…


8) We do own an eyelash curler, but we have never once used it. Nor do we plan on starting any time soon


9) We are aware that contouring is a thing. We have never, however, contoured; tinted BB cream has works perfectly well thanks all the same


10) Sunglasses can be worn at all times, and in all weather, in lieu of actually putting on makeup



Are you feeling awfully lazy after a big weekend?

According to this video, there’s an actual fancy science behind it!



Growing older means you naturally let go of some aspects of your appearance, mainly because you have better things to be worrying about, plus you have a boyfriend…

You don’t wear make-up
Do you find yourself leaving the house without make-up on more than you used to? Is it more of a hassle to put it on than to not? Do you go out to clubs with the least amount of make-up you can get away with, simply because you couldn’t be bothered?  Eek, sounds like you’re letting your beauty regime slip.

You are constantly hiding your knotted hair
The messy thrown up hairstyle is pretty trendy right now; however, it is not a good look if you are only doing it to simply hide unwashed, knotty hair. Grab a brush and get it together.

Chipped nail polish
You wouldn’t dare walk out of the house with chipped nail polish when you are younger but  things have changed. Sure who has the time, or the money, nowadays to go the beautician? Plus you’re way too lazy to pick up the polish and fix it yourself.

Well hello there!
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