Chomp on an apple AFTER your workout? Well, it’s making you fat

As far as we knew, munching on some fruit was the healthy option, but now some experts have come up to say that we're all wrong, and eating too much fruit is actually bad for you.

According to personal trainer Callum Melly, eating too much fruit or eating it at the wrong time can lead to gaining fat.

Apparently, we all need to understand how carbs are broken down in our bodies so then we can decide what times are wrong and right to each fruit.

While speaking to the Mail Online, Callum explains that when you consume carbohydrates, they are stored in two forms – either muscle glycogen or liver glycogen.

"The thing people forget or just don't understand when it comes to food in general, let alone fruit, is that food is fuel and we should only eat what is required to fuel our daily energy requirements, especially when it comes to carbohydrate intake."

And one of the biggest mistakes, Callum says, is when people eat fruit after a workout.

"Fruit will only replenish liver glycogen and not muscle glycogen.

"Glycogen is our muscle's fuel source and will be used during exercise and therefore needs to be replenished afterwards with starchy carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes."

And as for when we all should eat fruit?

"We want to ensure that when we eat fruit we will maximise the energy we receive from it, but more importantly ensure that the fructose is used by the body as an energy source and doesn't get converted and stored as body fat," Callum explains.

"Therefore, the best time to eat fruit is first thing in the morning and 15 minutes before a workout as your body will use this readily available energy to fuel morning activity and then your exercise."

So, there you go ladies, be careful with your fruit.