There’s no denying that cycling has many benefits: it gets you up off the couch, allows you to cheat traffic and is a form of work out and transportation all in one.

But unfortunately – as with everything – it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

According to one 2012 study, cycling can negatively effect a woman’s sex life because all that time in the saddle can actually desensitise the vagina.

While comparing a group of female runners to a group of female cyclists, a team of Texan scientists found that when women regularly rode 10 or more miles per week (that’s around 16km) their “vaginal and labial genital sensation” was reduced.

According to Cosmopolitan, bikes on which the handlebars were set at a lower level than the seat were found to cause the most damage and this unfortunate news applies to both real bicycles and the ones you use in the gym.

So the next time you find yourself eyeing an exercise bike, maybe consider the cross trainer instead!

Feat image: Seek Sherpa