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Emma Watson is obviously a kind an gentle soul, and between her humanitarian work and her sweet demeanour, she really is a precious human being.

Emma showed how sweet she can really be in a recent interview with a Spanish broadcaster.

Emma, recreating her first ever scene in Harry Potter, interrupted the interview to tell the journalist that she had pen on her face.  


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Not only did Emma inform the now blushing broadcaster about her face-to-ink ratio, but then proceeded to get up and wipe the shmutz off the girl's face herself, before calling her makeup artist in to fix the damage. 

The journalist was understandably embarrassed, but Emma attempted to put her mind at ease about the whole thing. 

"I'm so sorry! I just, I know what it's like to have something on your face," apologised the Beauty and the Beast star, who was there to chat to the journalist with co-star Dan Stevens about the upcoming flick. 

Image result for hermione dirt nose


Dan attempted to break the ice, by dubbing the event "the day Emma Watson did my makeup." 

Honestly, we'd take a pen to the chin if it meant Emma would give our contour the once over. 



While talking about the latest shoe trends or fashion blunders can be seen as superficial or frivolous, it looks like Emma Watson is going to change all of that.

Because, even though the actress is going down the #OOTD road on Instagram, she's merrily not just showing off her new Calvins or Gucci loafers; she's showing us that fashion can be powerful and a game changer in the world we live in today.


Bonjour Paris! Coat is from @stellamccartney, the world's first luxury brand that is committed to producing products that do not use leather, skins, feathers or fur. Instead, Stella has spent years developing ways of using materials such as regenerated cashmere, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and forest-friendly fabrics. Jumper is from @filippa_k, a Swedish brand committed to four Rs: reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling. Tee by @boodywear, a brand that produces basics made with certified organic bamboo, produced using computerised 3D knitting, so no fabric is wasted. Its factories are zero-waste and have a closed loop system to stop any water being wasted. Bespoke beret by @maisonmichel made with organic cotton. Shoes are @goodguysdontwearleather. The brand doesn’t use any animal products in its collections. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves

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Her new IG account, @the_press_tour, showcases her sustainable fashion choices, and she writes detailed descriptions explaining why she chose every single piece of clothing she wears.

In a world where people are more focused on the designer brand than where the clothes actually come from, Emma is one of the first to show her ethical choices to us via social media.

Why? Because it's important to her. She was part of the Green Carpet Challenge in 2015, where she agreed to wear sustainable fashion in every red carpet look.

Her Met Gala gown was a Calvin Klein creation, made from recycled plastic bottles and her Beauty and the Beast premiere gown was made from end-of-the-barrell materials.


Sunday was the first ever public screening of @beautyandthebeast! We were so happy to surprise the audience in Paris and say “bonjour” in person, especially as this is the country where it was created and Belle’s place of birth  Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the new Co-Creative Directors of @oscardelarenta, created this Jacobian flower-embroidered duchesse satin bustier with an organic silk faille sash and organic wool trousers as part of their first collection. The entire look was made in-house at Oscar de la Renta’s NYC atelier  @burberry pumps handmade in Italy with organic silk. Fashion info verified by @ecoage #ecoloves Lipstick is a combination of Osaka Plum Matte and New Orleans Scarlet Matte from @thebodyshop who have used their fairly traded 'Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil' from Peru in this product along with the Lash Hero Mascara which uses 'Community Trade Shea Butter'. Hair using @rahuabeauty who as well as being a natural brand partner with women from Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar to harvest their key ingredients Ungurahua, Sacha Inchi, and Buriti oils. Hair styling using @johnmastersorganicsusa who created their first organic haircare products in 1991 and use bottles made from the most recyclable plastic type and boxes made from 100% recycled paper with 100% soy ink. All brands are cruelty free. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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And, while that doesn't sound the least bit glamorous, there's no denying she looked beautiful.

She's showing us how to be innovative when it comes to style, how to not bow down to fleeting fashion and how to actually make an impact, simply by what we wear.


Tonight was a special screening of @beautyandthebeast in London. The film was shown at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema to 1,600 people after a reception at the stunning Spencer House  Bespoke @emiliawickstead structural, off-the-shoulder gown with inverted pleat train. The gown is made from end-of-line fabric sourced from a family-run, London business specialising in couture fabrics, and produced in Italy. These unwanted fabric pieces have been given a new lease of life; often irregular quantities of surplus or end-of-line fabrics cannot be sold and are destroyed. This piece was created in Emilia Wickstead's London atelier, by an all-female team. Earrings are from @catbirdnyc, whose pieces are handmade in Brooklyn. Dress validated by @ecoage #ecoloves Skin prepped with @demamielskin Dewy Facial Mist, @tataharper Repairative Moisturiser and @decleoruk Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum. De Mamiel mist is made from ingredients sourced and blended in the UK, in small batches to maintain the vitality of each natural ingredient. Tata Harper are verified by PETA that neither the brand nor its ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products. Decléor serum is a blend of naturally derived ingredients such as neroli and sandalwood and free from mineral oils and parabens. Foundation is @inikaorganic's BB Cream, which is certified organic, vegan and not tested on animals. Concealer is the @rmsbeauty "Un" Cover-Up made from organic coconut, jojoba and cacao oil and mineral colours. Cheeks are @iliabeauty A Fine Romance Multi-Stick which is gluten-free and then finished with Inika's Mineral Mattifying Powder, blended from silica, corn, tapioca and rice powders instead of talc, which face powders have traditionally been based on. Beauty brands verified by @contentbeauty

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Emma is sticking to her principles, and not letting society get in the way of her choices.

So, whether it's about sustainable fashion or any other cause you believe in, Emma is proving that you need to stick to your ideals, no matter what everyone else is telling you.


Who knew Emma Watson could sing so wonderfully?

In a brand new clip from the upcoming live-action film Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson can be seen singing and twirling through the fictional village like a true Disney princess.

The clip is set in the opening scene from the original film, where Belle traipses through the village to return a book to the library. 

The clip shows Belle interacting with the village baker, schoolmaster and laundry workers, none of whom seem to approve of Belle's bookish nature. 

There is no sign of the Beast in this clip, played by Dan Stevens, however in the original trailer, released last November, the Beast is up front and centre. 

The film is set to star Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, and Kevin Kline as Maurice alongside Belle and the Beast.

As well as a whole host of amazing actors, singers John Legend and Ariana Grande are on board to contribute their voices to the flick's classic song Be Our Guest. 

March 17 can't come quickly enough!



Emma Watson is set to star as Belle in the latest Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast

As with all big-budget films, there is plenty of merchandise to go with it, but a certain Emma Watson doll is causing controversy online.

Some Disney fans are claiming that the doll has a striking resemblance to pop star and teenage heart throb Justin Bieber. 

The doll is meant to mimic Emma Watson's stunning facial structure, but the exaggerated features appear more masculine than feminine. 

Side-by-side comparisons of the doll and the Cold Water singer show that the figurine hilariously looks a lot more like Justin than Emma.

Despite this Disney doppelganger fail, we're still dying to see the live-action film. 

Beauty and the Beast hits Irish cinemas on March 17 2017.



Emma Watson has refused to wear a corset for her latest movie, Beauty and the Beast.

The actress is taking the princess to a whole new level, and believes she's a more 'active princess'. Oh, and did we mention she's made her into an inventor as well?

The film's costume designer, Jacqueline Durran said: "In Emma’s reinterpretation, Belle is an active princess. She did not want a dress that was corseted or that would impede her in any way.

“The dress was designed with easy, active moment in mind – Watson isn’t wearing a corset underneath.”

In the original Disney flick, Belle is the ultimate bookworm, while her father is an inventor, but Emma turned the tables on that one too, making Belle into a creator herself.

She recently told Entertainment Weekly: "I was like, ‘Well, there was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books. Also what is she doing with her time?’

“So, we created a backstory for her, which was that she had invented a kind of washing machine, so instead of doing laundry, she could sit and use that time to read instead. So, we made Belle an inventor.”

We don't think anyone else could play a princess so perfectly.


She’s a successful actress, outspoken feminist and proud bookworm, but did you know Emma Watson is also a total sweetheart?

The Harry Potter star has surprised fans with handwritten notes hidden inside copies of Maya Angelou’s autobiography, Mom & Me & Mom, which she placed along the sides of escalators in a London tube station.

The 26-year-old took to Facebook last night to share a video of herself distributing the books in a move which has led fans to call her “the best human in the world”.

Some lucky commuters have already shared news of their finds online.

Pictures of the special notes reveal Emma’s hope that the books will be left in tube carriages once their finders have finished with them so that they can then be read by other passengers.


When @emmawatson makes your day with secret books on the tube #booksontheunderground #oursharedshelf

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What a great idea!


@oursharedshelf's Nov & Dec book is #Mom&Me&Mom by Maya Angelou

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We've seen a good few celebrity doppelgängers in the past few years, but this one HAS to be Emma Watson's twin.

SEE? Here she is with Chewbacca.


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Megan Flockhart is from Glasgow and only realised how much she looked like Emma last year when she dressed up as Hermione for Halloween.

She told the Mirror: "In the past year the comments have become almost daily in person and online.

"Comments on my Instagram are generally really sweet, although at one point in May I dyed my hair ashy blonde as I felt the 'Emma Watson' compliments were getting too intense.


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"As much as I'd love to believe I am her doppelgänger, as she's gorgeous and an idol of mine, I am myself at the end of the day. But I have similar traits to my idol and that's awesome."

It's definitely awesome, Megan.


While Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently thrilling audiences in London, it looks like it was the cast of the play that got the biggest thrill of the run so far when Emma Watson decided to rock up at the Palace Theatre in the English capital last night.

While die-hard fans had previously questioned the fact Noma Dumezweni – a black actress – would be playing the adult Hermione on stage, Emma Watson happily gave the award-winning actress her seal of approval, and yes in spite of this, they had yet to meet face to face.

Surprising the cast last night, 26-year-old Emma arrived backstage and posed for photos with fellow actors before meeting Noma in one very moving moment,

Emma took to social media to share that moment with fans and followers, writing: "It was SO lovely to meet you" alongside a photo of the pair gazing at each other.

Noma did the same and it sounds like the actress was bowled over by their touching meeting, writing: "Now I feel I can share the maHUSSIVE joy I felt, alongside the company when a beautiful, humble and very kind young lady." (sic)

"It really was quite emotional to be in your company. And Thank you 4 your lovely self," she continued. "We spoke of you with MAJOR respect."

Fans of all things Potter-related fell all over themselves as the posts were uploaded, with one writing: "It's so beautiful to see you together. Thanks for sharing this photo with us. All Potterheads are dying."

The posts have been liked almost 50,000 times since last night.



It looks like Emma Watson is on SERIOUS damage control right now after her name has been attached to the recent Panama Papers leak.

According to a database containing details into the tax avoidance scheme, the Harry Potter star was just one of the numerous high-profile figures to have been associated with the scandal.

Weighing in on the matter, Emma's spokesperson confirmed that while the 26-year-old had indeed established an off-shore account, it was not in order to avoid tax ot receive money.

"Emma (like many high profile individuals) set up an offshore company for the sole purpose of protecting her anonymity and safety," the star's statement read.

Offering the reason for Emma's off-shore dealings, her representative continued: "UK companies are required to publicly publish details of their shareholders and therefore do not give her the necessary anonymity required to protect her personal safety, which has been jeopardised in the past owing to such information being publicly available."

"Offshore companies do not publish these shareholder details," her spokesperson confirmed. "Emma receives absolutely no tax or monetary advantages from this offshore company whatsoever – only privacy."

While establishing an off-shore account is not illegal, having her name associated with the recent tax scandal is not exactly good news for the well-known British actress.

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We hail Emma Watson here at Shemazing! HQ for many reasons, but one reason is her fashion choices.

She's constantly thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to her style statements, and this year's Met Gala look was no different.

The actress worked the red carpet in a Calvin Klein and Eco Age dress that stood out from the crowds with its unique design of a bustier, trousers and a long dress tail.

But one thing that really makes it different is that it was made from… RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES.

Yep, plastic bottles.

"Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on the planet," Emma wrote in a Facebook post explaining her look. "Being able to repurpose this waste and incorporate it into my gown for the ‪#‎MetGala‬ proves the power that creativity, technology and fashion can have by working together."

"Each and every part of this beautiful gown has been produced with sustainability in mind," she explained. "The zippers on the gown are made from recycled materials and the inner bustier has been crafted from organic cotton … The organic silk used in the lining of my gown is certified to a standard that guarantees the highest environmental and social standards throughout production.

"It is my intention to repurpose elements of the gown for future use. The trousers can be worn on their own, as can the bustier, and the train can be used for a future red carpet look."

What a woman!



One's a billionaire author, and the other's an actress-turned-activist, but underneath it all JK Rowling and Emma Watson are just two women who are 100% supportive of one another.

The pair first crossed paths back in 2001 when Emma was cast as Hermione in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. And even fifteen years on, they're still in contact – on social media, at least.

Earlier this week Emma and the author shared a seriously lovely interaction via Twitter, which no doubt had Harry Potter fans the world over crying happy tears.

Emma's been focusing her attention on gender equality issues of late, and has been doing amazing work as part of the UN's He For She campaign. On Tuesday she took to social media in honour of International Women's Day, and Ms. Rowling wasn't far behind her.

"News -Twitter has created a Heforshe emoji whaatttttt???!!!" Emma wrote. 

"Type hashtag HeForShe and our logo will automatically appear! #Heforshe #IWD16"

Within minutes JK replied to praise the 25-year-old's work, calling her an "inspirational woman.":

And of course, Emma couldn't resist sharing the love, telling JK, "RIGHT back at you. thank you for everything xx."

Crying? Us? Never.



It's pretty hard not to totally idolise Emma Watson. 

From her talent to her dedication to using her famous face for good causes, we think she is pretty amazing (even if she does make us feel a tad inadequate in our lives.) 

And now it seems that she is focusing on social issues as the 25-year-old has decided to take a break from acting in order to focus on her activism. 

The former Harry Potter actress is planning to take a year out from the film industry to focus on her role as an Ambassador for Women with the United Nations. 

"I'm taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really. My own personal development is one. I know that you read a book a day. My own personal task is to read a book a week, and also to read a book a month as part of my book club," she told Paper Magazine. 

"I'm reading a lot this year, and I want to do a lot of listening. I want to listen to as many different women in the world as I can."

Emma's gender equality campaign with the UN will be a focal point of her acting sabbatical. 

"Our HeForShe IMPACT champions are ten CEOs who for the first time will be releasing to the media what their companies look like internally.

"Big companies like Vodafone, Unilever and Tupperware will be standing up to the media and really acknowledging the issues within their own companies and talking about how they are planning to address these issues as HeForShe IMPACT champions."

You go girl! 

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