Still pals! Emma Watson and JK Rowling get oh-so cute on Twitter


One's a billionaire author, and the other's an actress-turned-activist, but underneath it all JK Rowling and Emma Watson are just two women who are 100% supportive of one another.

The pair first crossed paths back in 2001 when Emma was cast as Hermione in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. And even fifteen years on, they're still in contact – on social media, at least.

Earlier this week Emma and the author shared a seriously lovely interaction via Twitter, which no doubt had Harry Potter fans the world over crying happy tears.

Emma's been focusing her attention on gender equality issues of late, and has been doing amazing work as part of the UN's He For She campaign. On Tuesday she took to social media in honour of International Women's Day, and Ms. Rowling wasn't far behind her.

"News -Twitter has created a Heforshe emoji whaatttttt???!!!" Emma wrote. 

"Type hashtag HeForShe and our logo will automatically appear! #Heforshe #IWD16"

Within minutes JK replied to praise the 25-year-old's work, calling her an "inspirational woman.":

And of course, Emma couldn't resist sharing the love, telling JK, "RIGHT back at you. thank you for everything xx."

Crying? Us? Never.