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We all do it. Remember that absolutely mortifying thing you did seven years ago in school that you can't seem to shake off?

The anxiety of saying "you're welcome" instead of "thank you" when someone holds the door open for you, the sheer sweat-worthy fear of falling down (or up) the stairs on your bus, you name it, and we've worried about it.

We've always assumed that our furry little friends simply don't have these worries, but now SCIENCE (gasp) has disproved this, and we're shook. 

grim reaper wtf GIF by Studio Flox

The Royal Society scientific journal has published a study which supports the result that doggos struggle to nod off if they have anything troubling them, meaning that we're not as different as we think.

All that time that you lay in your bed, pondering that terrible moment when you asked your friend how their grand-dad up the North is getting on in his nursing home, and they reply that they are, in fact, deceased, leaving you stewing in shame.

The time in work that you were wandering around with your knickers tucked into the back of your skirt, the time you threw up at the local disco after one Blue WKD, even the time you said "keep the change" to the lad in Spar, and it was only a five cent coin.

Doggies apparently sit up and ponder their embarrassments and worries too, maybe they get anxiety about the lack of 'good boy' praise which they received that day.

scared dog GIF

"Does my human still love me?" They think, as they rest their head on their paws, with a slow, violin concerto playing in the background.

"What if they actually don't like cleaning up my poop?"

"What if they send me to the pound and I get embroiled in the local gang war between the Pug Thugs and the Rottweiler Pilers?"

They stare glumly out of the rain-splattered window, tossing and turning following a negative experience at the dog walking park that day.

scared insomnia GIF

The study stated that dogs tend to fall asleep much faster following a negative day, presumably to escape from the terrible consequences of the day.

We still think of the horrendously awkward things we were doing in 2005, forever looking up at the blank ceiling searching for answers…



The search for Ireland’s most adorable puppy is on, and we're very excited! 

Through in-store nominations, public voting and a grand finale dog show, the country’s largest independently owned pet retailer, Petmania, wants to find the paw-fect puppy who will become the face of their brand for 2018/2019.

Previous winners include Samson, a cross breed Collie / Staffordshire from Offaly, who, after being dumped at six weeks old, was saved by Cara Rescue Dogs before being adopted by his new pet-parent Rachel McArdle.

The winning pup will receive a year’s supply of food and grooming, a puppy photography shoot, a two night stay in Enniskoe House, County Mayo along with featuring within marketing campaigns.

"We are excited to launch the Puppy of the Year competition and to find the face of our brand for 2018/2019," Emily Miller said. 

"We are also pleased to have teamed up with Seven Dog Nutrition for this search. I would encourage any puppy owners across the country to get nominating their pooch as we have a host of prizes up for grabs.

"Puppy parents may choose to nominate their pooches based on the cute factor, an unusual breed or perhaps it will be a pup who has come from a rescue centre and may not have had the happiest of beginnings."

Puppies must be under the age of one on Saturday, 31st March 2018,to be eligible, and entries will be open until Sunday, 22nd April.

Two rounds of voting will take place and twelve finalists will be chosen with the winning puppy being crowned Puppy of the Year 2018/2019 at a special event in Limerick this June.

Puppy parents can nominate their pooch in any Petmania store nationwide in Kilkenny, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, Galway, Meath, Dublin and Kerry or visit www.petmania.ie



Every year, the dictionaries of the world decide what our word of the year is. 

However, they also speculate on and come up with a list of Words to Watch in the upcoming year. 

Doggo and pupper have become the ultimate internet words to describe our favourite four-legged friends, and one of these has made it on to Merriam-Webster's Words to watch list.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word actually did not begin it's existence as descriptive terminology for dogs.

In fact 'to lie doggo was to stay hidden or to keep secret: to fly under the radar' in the 1800s. 

According to the dictionary, the word continues to ebb in and out of literature through the early 1900s, before eventually being the name of a popular dog-repellant garden spray in the 1950s. 

Since then, Twitter has taken the term for itself, using it as far back as 2014 to describe the furry friends. 

'Doggo saw a meteoric rise in use in 2017 and continues its upward trajectory,' says Merriam-Webster.

'As the nation turns its lonely eyes to dog pictures for comfort and some much-needed encouragement to carry on.'