Ellie Goulding opens up about her relationship with Dougie!


Whether it’s her relationship with Dougie Poytner or her yoga routine – Ellie Goulding seemed completely happy with herself in her latest interview for Self magazine.

The singer talked about life on stage and how she considered giving up her life in the limelight due to her panic attacks.

“I was torn between that really simple life and this life of madness. My brain was getting all these crazy signals, and I’d have these faux heart attacks that felt real. There was so much adrenaline being pumped into my body that, in any normal situation, I felt as if I had to fight or flee.”

Ellie went into more detail about her panic attacks would have an effect on her daily life.

“On my way to the studio, I’d have to cover my face in the car with a pillow. I couldn’t shop, couldn’t go outside, couldn’t see people, because there were just so many triggers. And I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I just felt so stupid. I never wanted people to see me as weak.”

But Goulding says she is now in a good place with her panic attacks and is in a happy relationship with Dougie.

“I’ve definitely met someone. You get to know someone who makes you very happy and then you go away (on tour), right when it was just getting somewhere awesome. It’s not fun, but we can make it work. Love is beyond everything, beyond the universe.”