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April is Testicular Cancer Awareness month, and as with breast cancer, the easiest way to detect abnormalities early is to regularly check yourself.

Comedian Jack Vale wanted to make men more aware of the importance of checking their 'nads, so he hit the streets to see just how familiar guys (and girls) are with that particular part of the body.

How? By blindfolding unsuspecting volunteers and asking them to identify some "everyday objects", one of which just so happens to be… well… a pair of balls. There's no delicate way to write that, is there?

Take a look and prepare to cringe heavily.



Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poynter have raised eyebrows with this crotch-grabbing snap – but for all the right reasons!

The couple are the latest celebrities to show their support for a campaign that aims to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

The loved-up pair, who have been enjoying a break in Ibiza where Ellie was performing, can be seen standing in front of a private plane as they give their crotch areas a good grab in the Instagram snap. 

Dougie captioned the picture, "Thanks @Marnitook for the nomination. Me & @elliegoulding checking our love grenades. WE'RE #FEELINGNUTS! I nominate @mattjwillis & @glassofwhiskey @checkonetwo @stormmodels."

The Check One Two movement aims to end unnecessary deaths from testicular cancer by raising awareness of how to check for signs.

The #FeelingNuts Crotch Grab challenge is the first of a series of monthly challenges to show support.

Other celebs to get involved include Tinie Tempah, Louis Smith, David Haye and Tyson Beckford.

Well done guys!