‘Lucky escape’ for TV presenter after car careers off road


Everybody's favourite TV presenter, Dermot O'Leary, has had a close call this weekend following a car accident in Kenya.

The 41-year-old X Factor star was filming for Comic Relief when a passing vehicle careered off the road, almost crashing into the makeshift beds Dermot and a group of homeless boys were occupying.

Immediately taking to social media to assure the public that both the boys and Dermot survived the frightening incident, Comic Relief staff tweeted: "A car crashed into a ditch feet away from the boys. Everyone is fine, but a big lucky escape."

Dermot, who was sleeping rough with youngsters Fred, Maurice and Hannington, was said to be shaken but unharmed following the terrifying incident.

The danger associated with sleeping rough by busy roads was proven following the accident, with the charity having earlier tweeted: "It's an incredibly vulnerable place to sleep which is why they stick together. The cars, motorbikes and rickshaws are so close the noise is something to behold."

The star also took to Twitter to thank fans and followers for their support in the aftermath of the frightening event and paid tribute to the youngsters he befriended during filming.

 Fingers crossed the rest of the trip goes off without a hitch.