Co. Down had a very famous guest for the weekend!


Oh, the single ladies at Flora Montgomery and Soren Jessen's wedding in Co. Down last Saturday must have been DE-lighted when they spotted the one and only Orlando Bloom walk in – without a date!

The Lord of the Rings star celebrated with his friends at Greyabbey grounds, and even had a few drinks in a local pub in Donaghdee – which surprised a few locals!

He was the perfect gentlemen when asked him to stop for a photo too, which is always a sign of a good celebrity:

We have to say, he looked very happy and relaxed on the day – perhaps safe in the knowledge that there would be no chance of that pesky Justin Bieber turning up!

He wasn’t the only star out socialising in Ireland either – Outkast were spotted in the queue for Coppers on Saturday night too!

Why, oh why did we choose to have a cosy Staurday night in this weekend?!