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You know the way people say everything is "bigger and better" in America? Well, this may actually be true when it comes to Christmas decorations. 

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Dyker Heights is an area in Brooklyn, New York… and it is literally a BEACON of Christmassy joy!

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Over 100,000 people flock to this area each year to see the most over-the-top decoration displays ever, and we are obsessed. 

The tradition started in 1984, and more homes have followed suit every year since.

According to Business Insider,  local police block off some of the streets at night to allow tourists to stroll through the area with ease. 

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We can't help but wonder how much these glorious humans spend on electricity!

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Regardless of the cost, these homes are SUPER impressive.  


The Dublin Fire Brigade have taken to Twitter to warn festive revellers of the fire hazards that this time of year can involve.

From faulty lights to unattended candles, the brigade is using Twitter as a medium to keep people safe this winter.

The DFB has warned against purchasing Christmas lights and decor that don't carry a CE mark. 

The are particularly warning against these "rice lights," which were recalled by the European Commissioner.

The EU Commissioner also warns against these LED lights, which have been recalled after causing electrocution. 

The product is being withdrawn from the market and anyone who has these lights in their home is urged to return them to the retailer.

The CE mark is a symbol that indicates that products conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection.

Neither of the above products carry the mark. 

 The Dublin Fire Brigade is also asking that families check that their lights aren't damaged after a year in storage.

Lights with exposed or frayed wiring should never ben used. 



Enda Kenny will be the man turning on the lights of Dublin this Christmas.

Yay? Nope, sorry Enda, but you're not exactly the man to get the party started.

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However, he's only going to be in one part of the city.

Taking to the north inner-city, which has been riddled with gangland-related crime in recent months, Enda wants to show residents that the Government is by their sides.

He recently visited the closed Garda station on Fitzgibbon Street which has been out of action for some time. Mr Kenny intends to re-open the station in the next year.

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"It will be a very significant demonstration of the intention of the government. It’s just a stone’s throw from the unfortunate incidents in the area," he said.

The Christmas lights are going up in 30 streets around Dublin, and Enda has been the only person confirmed so far to turn the lights on.


Once December hits, most of us love getting into the Christmas spirit. 

The glistening trees, presents, turkey and decorations are some of the things we all enjoy about the festive season. 

But these few people around Ireland have taken their decorations to a whole new level… and we LOVE it:

1. Bath Avenue, Dublin


2. Dalkey


3. Tallaght, Dublin


4. Cork


5. Artane, Dublin


6. Inchicore




Dublin has officially decided it’s time to get festive by flicking the switch on its Christmas lights on Grafton Street this evening.

Many Dubliners filled the main street, with clapping and cheering heard all around. 

There was also an overload of photos on social media as many users captured the festive moment:



The Christmas lights on Henry Street were lit up on Thursday by 98fm's Adrian Kennedy, and O'Connell Street is planned to spark up on November 26. 

Roll on 25 December, that's all we can say!



Where are your Christmas lights right now? If you're like the rest of us, they're probably in a tangled ball of horror somewhere in your attic.

While most of us run screaming at the thought of being presented with a mound of tangled cables – especially if there's a broken bulb in there – some people actually get enjoyment out of solving those kinds of problems.

If you (God forbid) actually find untangling lights rewarding and simple, then Tesco wants to hear from you.

For the first time ever, the retail giant is looking for a full-time "Christmas Light Untangler" to work out of its Wrexham store in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Yes, this is a legit job application, and yes it's paid. Tesco promises a "competitive salary" for the lucky candidate.

Throughout December, customers will be able to bring their lights along to the store for a free untangling service, plus replacement of any broken bulbs.

So what will the successful candidate be like?

Well, aside from having a "passion" for all things festive (obvz), you'll need the ability to "untangle three metres of Christmas lights in under three minutes."

If anyone's looking to test their skills, we can point you in the direction of some very tangled lights. Fancy putting up our tree too?



Last Wednesday marked the start of the 100-day countdown to Christmas, so we've decided it's officially OK to start getting more than a little excited.

In fact, we uttered a quiet "ho, ho, ho," when we heard of plans for a pretty spectacular addition to Dublin's 2015 Christmas landscape.

Yes, as part of a month-long new festive festival in the capital, the Fair City will be getting a HUGE Rockefeller-style fir tree to rival that of New York's.

Exciting! The tree will be erected in Dublin's Custom House Quarter at the start of the I Believe Festival, which is running from November 26 to December 23. 

Donated by Coillte, the tree will be at least 15metres high. Although it'll be dwarfed by the 38metre Rockefeller tree, we reckon it will still look pretty special against the city's backdrop.

According to the festival organisers "selected charities" will take ownership of the tree throughout the festival, using the area for gift drives and fundraising.

Set in a "chalet style village," the surrounding market will furthermore offer delicious food, drinks, crafts and unique presents for loved-ones. 

Santa will be appearing (natch), and visitors can even buy their Christmas trees from a dedicated market at the Point Village.

And while we love the Grafton Street lights and the bauble tree on O'Connell Street, there is always something magical about a real Christmas tree – meaning we'll certainly be heading to the Custom House Quarter for the 2015 Yuletide season.

So… basically, this is us right now:


I BELIEVE will run for 28 days in the lead-up to Christmas from Thursday, November 26 until Wednesday, December 23 at the Custom House Quarter in Dublin, which includes George’s Dock, The CHQ Building and its surrounding area.



Things always get quite hectic around the house after Christmas and trying to get everything organised might seem like a nightmare- it doesn’t have to be though.

Here are quick fixes for the problems you and many others face around this time of the year.

Problem 1: Where to put the Christmas tree?

It’s a problem every year. Try getting a special storage box for your tree that can be left outdoors rather than the usual prone-to-tearing cardboard box you bought it in.

Problem 2: Wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are everywhere!

You can use empty gift boxes for this. Label and store them away for the next time.

Problem 3: Christmas lights are all tangled up

We all know this feeling! Rather than getting frustrated about this, try wrapping any strings of Christmas lights around boxes rather than just throwing them in.

Whoever would have thought these annoying problems could have such simple solutions!