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With more Pinterest boards than we could ever count, decorating your house or apartment for Christmas can be overwhelming. So many themes to choose from and so many gorgeous ideas to recreate. But what if you’re not a budding interior designer or a talented DIYer? And what if you don’t know all the best secret Etsy accounts to get rare vintage decorations from?

You can find lots of gorgeous Christmas decorations online at Guineys, and you can combine that with some simply homemade creations.

#Here are some goregous ideas using easily-acquired objects if you fancy getting creative and want to give your home a personal touch.

1. These jar lights may be our favourite DIY decoration idea ever and really are so easy to put together. All you need is a strand of battery powered fairy lights and a glass jar. Pop the lights into the jar and place them in your windows, on the stairs or in your bookcase to create a warm glow.

2. We’re determined to recreate this garland decoration in our homes this Christmas. All you need is an evergreen garland and some eye catching baubles to make this beautiful creation. Secure your pieces together with some carefully placed embroidery thread and you have a homemade decoration that looks like it was made by a professional.

3. If you’re looking for something to brighten up a coffee or dining table, these decorations are for you. All you need is a long-neck jar (Kilner Round Cliptop Bottle) and candlesticks. Simple, elegant and classic.

4. If you have stairs you’d like to brighten up, this garland is the perfect solution. Secure it onto the banister to create a beautifully sophisticated atmosphere.

5. Finally, if you’d like to give your home a vintage feel this Christmas, place a mix-and-match collection of lanterns around your living room. Choose different heights and shapes to make it interesting and you can even place a few together.

6. While for many, Christmas decorations are usually just in the living room and kitchen – we reckon the festive cheer should make its way to the bedrooms. You can pick up gorgeous sets that will see you through the festive season.

7. Consider the simple things, like creating tree ornaments using cookie cutter and ribbon. All you need are festive cookie cutters (tree, star, and Santa shapes etc) and ribbon – you can choose the colour to go with your Christmas colour theme. Just thread a ribbon through the cookie cutters and hang them on the tree. It couldn’t be easier! Arrange the ribbon between long and short lengths to get a great effect when hanging them

8. Get into the festive season and make your very own gingerbread house – the perfect bake to show your decorative flair. And better still, if you’re not one for baking, you can buy a full set ready-made, and just decorate it. Couldn’t be simpler.

Finally, if you’d like to give your home a vintage feel this Christmas, place a mix-and-match collection of lanterns around your living room. Choose different heights and shapes to make it interesting and you can even place a few together.

Happy decorating 🙂



See ya round Summer, we never liked you anyway. 

Lol, jk, we miss you already.

However, the shorter days and colder mornings mean one really exciting thing – Christmas is coming! 

It may seem a bit premature, but we're excited. 

We're also super excited about the new festive decorations that Penneys have on offer.

The amazing store are selling Disney themed Christmas tree baubles, and holy moly, they are divine. 

We are particularly obsessed with the Minnie Mouse decorations, the don bows, polka dots and glitter.

However, there are also Beauty and The Beast baubles, Frozen baubles, and even a Winnie The Pooh option. 

All adorable, as you can imagine. 

The four packs (the ones with the Mickey mouse ears) are €5, and then the special baubles are €6 each.

Will we be buying every single one of them? Hell YES.

Check them out, and tell us which one is your fave.



It may seem like Christmas is miles away, buy stores across the country have been starting to stock up on festive produce. 

Actually, full Christmas shops have even started opening in popular department stores (and it's only August!)

We're of the opinion that it's never too early for a sprinkle of festive cheer – especially when it involves some Harry Potter related joy. 

The wonderful humans at Penneys have jumped on the Christmas bandwagon, and are officially selling tree baubles inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter

There are a host of different types of festive baubles, from sparkling Platform 9 3/4 decorations, to sets of ornaments inspired by the four Hogwarts houses. 

The set of four Hogwarts baubles costs a very reasonable 4 quid (for the full set, we might add), but some of the glitzier baubles are more pricey. 

Also, if you're not quite ready to face the Christmas music, but still fancy some Harry Potter goodies, fear not. 

Penneys have recently launched a homeware range, which offers Muggles and Wizards the chance to deck out their bedrooms and kitchens with some seriously magical goodies. 

From mugs and fairy lights, to cushions and bed linen – Penneys have you covered. 

Honestly, we're getting excited for Christmas – we hate to admit it though. 



Last Wednesday marked the start of the 100-day countdown to Christmas, so we've decided it's officially OK to start getting more than a little excited.

In fact, we uttered a quiet "ho, ho, ho," when we heard of plans for a pretty spectacular addition to Dublin's 2015 Christmas landscape.

Yes, as part of a month-long new festive festival in the capital, the Fair City will be getting a HUGE Rockefeller-style fir tree to rival that of New York's.

Exciting! The tree will be erected in Dublin's Custom House Quarter at the start of the I Believe Festival, which is running from November 26 to December 23. 

Donated by Coillte, the tree will be at least 15metres high. Although it'll be dwarfed by the 38metre Rockefeller tree, we reckon it will still look pretty special against the city's backdrop.

According to the festival organisers "selected charities" will take ownership of the tree throughout the festival, using the area for gift drives and fundraising.

Set in a "chalet style village," the surrounding market will furthermore offer delicious food, drinks, crafts and unique presents for loved-ones. 

Santa will be appearing (natch), and visitors can even buy their Christmas trees from a dedicated market at the Point Village.

And while we love the Grafton Street lights and the bauble tree on O'Connell Street, there is always something magical about a real Christmas tree – meaning we'll certainly be heading to the Custom House Quarter for the 2015 Yuletide season.

So… basically, this is us right now:


I BELIEVE will run for 28 days in the lead-up to Christmas from Thursday, November 26 until Wednesday, December 23 at the Custom House Quarter in Dublin, which includes George’s Dock, The CHQ Building and its surrounding area.