Fire Brigade issues a WARNING against these Christmas lights

The Dublin Fire Brigade have taken to Twitter to warn festive revellers of the fire hazards that this time of year can involve.

From faulty lights to unattended candles, the brigade is using Twitter as a medium to keep people safe this winter.

The DFB has warned against purchasing Christmas lights and decor that don't carry a CE mark. 

The are particularly warning against these "rice lights," which were recalled by the European Commissioner.

The EU Commissioner also warns against these LED lights, which have been recalled after causing electrocution. 

The product is being withdrawn from the market and anyone who has these lights in their home is urged to return them to the retailer.

The CE mark is a symbol that indicates that products conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection.

Neither of the above products carry the mark. 

 The Dublin Fire Brigade is also asking that families check that their lights aren't damaged after a year in storage.

Lights with exposed or frayed wiring should never ben used.