You’re going to be disappointed by WHO’S turning on the Xmas lights


Enda Kenny will be the man turning on the lights of Dublin this Christmas.

Yay? Nope, sorry Enda, but you're not exactly the man to get the party started.

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However, he's only going to be in one part of the city.

Taking to the north inner-city, which has been riddled with gangland-related crime in recent months, Enda wants to show residents that the Government is by their sides.

He recently visited the closed Garda station on Fitzgibbon Street which has been out of action for some time. Mr Kenny intends to re-open the station in the next year.

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"It will be a very significant demonstration of the intention of the government. It’s just a stone’s throw from the unfortunate incidents in the area," he said.

The Christmas lights are going up in 30 streets around Dublin, and Enda has been the only person confirmed so far to turn the lights on.